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Published: March 17, 2021

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  • New at-home betting inspired app 1v1Me allows players to play against one another with money on the line
  • The app uses several steps to ensure players’ identity and streams the matches to ensure fair play
  • Antony Geranio shares his inspiration and goals for the app

With the federal ban on sports betting lifted, the interest in gambling steadily grows and reaches esports, this time with a new mobile app.

1v1Me Empowers People to Place Bets on Fortnite and CoD

Inspired by the ongoing pandemic and growth of in-home betting, Anthony Geranio had a revolutionary idea to create a new app for esports. The visionary launched a funding campaign that got more than $2 million. Thus 1v1Me was born – an app that lets people wager money on 1 versus 1 matches in Fortnite and Call of Duty.

For now, the app supports only those two games. Geranio didn’t exclude the possibility of supporting other games in the future but for now, the founder prefers a clean and tidy start with a controlled environment and not too much going on.

The 26 years old founder shared that while the pandemic and the at-home betting were indeed his inspirations, he had always wanted to use his programming skills to make something of value and be “his own boss”. Moreover, with this app, he considers that he will also be helping others make a living from esports. Geranio said he believes in the limitless possibilities that gaming and streaming hold.

The 1v1Me had a strong launch with some famous gamers and content creators such as NoisyButters hopping in. The gamer said that this app is everything she’s wanted as now she can keep track of her 1v1 performance. The current enthusiasts in 1v1Me number more than 12,000 people.

How the Application Works

The application will function as follows: Players will first have to be invited to the app. Then they will confirm their identity and that they are old enough to gamble (Minors will be allowed with the map but their gambling options will be disabled). Subsequently, they proceed to link a bank account. Finally, before the 1v1 match, players can agree with their opponent on the amount which each will wager. In order to prevent cheating, the involved players will stream their matches live on Twitch. 1v1Me will monitor any foul play. Once a match is finished, the application sends the wagers to the victor’s bank account.

The app is currently available in the USA and only in those states where betting on skill-based games is permitted. 1v1Me is one of the many steps esports have taken towards going fully virtual because of the Covid-19 situation.

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