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Published: March 24, 2021

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  • FYX Gaming will partner with Unikrn with goals of improving esports betting 
  • Unikrn will adopt CryptoFights in its gaming statistics feature 
  • FYX Gaming’s CEO believes their collaboration may shape the future of iGaming monetization

FYX Gaming and Unikrn will collaborate to introduce novelties in iGaming betting and monetization. 

The Partnership and Its Intended Goals

FYX Gaming and Unikrn have entered a mutually-beneficial collaboration. Their goal is to make new cutting-edge products and solutions for the esports betting community. 

Unikrn is an esports betting company, and FYX Gaming is known for its blockchain solutions that measure transactions made in cryptocurrencies. The latter is known for developing a novel multiplayer game that deals with cryptocurrencies and are appropriately called CryptoFights

The two companies have proposed several collaborations. 

The first one will see Unikrn adopt FYX’s game into its statistics and history feature Unikrn Virtual. Data collected from players’ matches on CryptoFights will be used for a variety of streams and gambling markets. The information will also later help other game developers who wish to use FYX Gaming’s features.

Later this year, FYX Gaming is planning to release a Bitcoin SV blockchain to the wide esports market. This is going to further improve esports betting with native cash games and verifiable game integrity. The blockchain will be game engine-agnostic and will be able to operate through an SDK and API. 

The collaboration will make it so that new publishers that join Unikrn through FYX’s platform will be eligible for a new monetization type. They will get a percent of the net income generated from their game from its entire lifespan. Moreover, FYX Gaming’s platform is available to all developers, regardless of how big or successful they are, and to top it, there is no implementation cost. 

Unikrn and FYX, Pooling Their Efforts

FYX Gaming’s CEO Adam Kling is assured that the strengths of the two parties will come together to revolutionize the monetization models in gaming. Moreover, he hopes the current partnership with Unikrn will also open new possibilities for game developers as a whole. CryptoFights’ pioneering has already paved the way, Kling believes. 

FYX Gaming’s Bitcoin SV blockchain is a strong network that can handle way more transactions and data than is currently even needed. It stores individuals’ information permanently in real-time, which offers significant game integrity. It also offers a wide variety of novel monetized features and makes them safer. And finally, it has a relatively low cost to maintain. 

The collaboration between FYX Gaming and Unikrn can open new doors for the iGaming betting monetization that has been becoming increasingly popular. 

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