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Published: November 7, 2022

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  • FURIA dominated BIG, winning the match 2-0
  • Both maps played were very one-sided 
  • The crowds cheered and chanted as FURIA advanced to the playoffs.

Fans rejoice as there will be a Brazilian representative at the IEM Rio Major playoffs

FURIA Dominates BIG

The CS:GO IEM Rio Major has been full of incredible plays and unexpected twists and turns. For the duration of the tournament, Brazilian teams did not seem to fair too well and there was a real risk of no local representatives, despite the tournament being held in one of the most iconic Brazilian cities. However, these speculations come to an end as FURIA made it through to the playoffs of the IEM Rio Major after dominating BIG 2-0. 

After the elimination of 00NATION and Imperial, FURIA remains the sole Brazilian team to move to the next stage. Having now made their third consecutive Major playoff appearance, they will have a few days to prepare for what the IEM Major has to put in front of them have now made their third consecutive Major playoff appearance.

The home crowd appropriately celebrated FURIA’s victory. Streamer Gaules and FURIA teammates Andrei “arT” Piovezan and Yuri “yuurih” Santos joined the crowd in celebration, the venue being drowned in chanting and music. “We will win this for you,” ArT said, surrounded by the crowd.

It Was a Very One-Sided Match

FURIA faced BIG on two maps, Nuke and Vertigo, and convincingly dominated the German team in both instances. The home audience cheered for the Brazilian team from the very start, giving FURIA a big morale boost. 

Yuri “?yuurih?” Santos got things started for his side with a quad kill defense with the Dualies on Nuke. This was soon followed by an anti-eco ace to give FURIA the lead. BIG was shaken awake by this and quickly managed to climb up and bring the result up to 6-5. Despite seemingly turning the tide, BIG’s momentum did not last long and the team could not halt Andrei “?arT?” Piovezan’s aggression at the end of the half. By the break, FURIA had managed to get a three-round lead. 

After the break, BIG were given even fewer opportunities as multi-kill rounds from arT and yuurih ensured FURIA quickly ended the map with a convincing 16-9.

By the time the second map, Vertigo, came, BIG had lost a lot of confidence. This map was very one-sided and started with FURIA refusing to concede any ground on the T side, bullying BIG at A ramp, and almost always coming out on top of the early fights. The first half ended with a devastating 12-3 in favor of the Brazilian team. 

This was the point when BIG finally showed signs of life thanks to Nils “?k1to?” Gruhne’s actions. He helped his team win the second pistol round of the map, however, a double kill through smoke from arT added insult to injury in the first round that FURIA won on the defense. From that point, BIG only got four more kills in the next three rounds as FURIA closed the map with a dominating 16-6. 

BIG still have two more chances to earn a spot in the bracket stage of the Major. Meanwhile, FURIA continues into the playoffs as the sole Brazilian representative.

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