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Published: July 14, 2021

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  • Full Sail University to help DreamHack host the namesake game festival DreamHack Beyond 
  • DreamHack Beyond will play out as a multiplayer event where esports and gaming fans will mingle
  • The festival is designed as an online multiplayer game which sets it apart from similar experiences

As gaming and esports culture continues to grow in the United States, Full Sail University will help host the DreamHack Beyond festival in collaboration with the namesake event organizer.

Full Sail University and DreamHack Host New Gaming Festival 

College esports is taking another turn for the better after events host DreamHack has teamed up with Full Sail University for DreamHack Beyond, a gaming festival that goes beyond the physical world to create new experiences. Full Sail University will help DreamHack by producing numerous educational panels and streaming events to promote gaming and esports during the festival, which will be taking place from July 24 through July 31 this month. 

The DreamHack Beyond will serve as a complementary event to the DreamHack brand’s main gaming tournaments and expos. As a result, attendees will be able to participate in virtual cosplay competitions as well as various esports tournaments, try game demos, and attend a number of panels. 

While the focus is not on college esports but rather general gaming, Full Sail University has long been a strong representative of the collegiate competitive gaming segment. DreamHack VP for Creative Justin Burnham said that the latest addition to the company’s lineup reflects its commitment to turn the festival into a year-round event with strong global attendance.

“To us, there is nothing better than developing a hybrid multiplayer event and game that unites us during these times and brings our community together in a way we understand and love,” Burnham.

Burnham, who is a graduate of Full Sail University, is happy to be hosting an event in collaboration with his alma mater. The event will attract a number of key figures from the gaming and esports industry, including Hitmarker managing director Richard Huggan, Blizzard Entertainment lead project manager Erin Eberhardt, and others. 

Full Sail University director of esports Sari Kitelyn had this to say commenting on the event: “DreamHack continues to push the limits of what is possible to bring the esports and gaming communities, not just top-level, but really going beyond what next-level engagement and experiences can be.”

The event is expected to generate a hefty bit of interest with the DreamHack brand associated with some of the best gaming festivals. The event is designed as an online multiplayer game that will help community members come together, create unique characters and participate in various contests. 

More information is forthcoming on the official website. The best part is that you can join for free and claim your tickets without paying anything. 

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