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Published: August 17, 2021

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  • “Froste” receives another 48-hour ban from Twitch after he unwittingly broadcasts Rick and Morty episode on stream
  • The suspension is the second in as many weeks that the streamer will have to sit through 
  • Twitch has a very stiff policy against repeat offenders, and “Froste” will have to be on his best behavior 

Another ban has been handed down to “Froste,” after the streamer inadvertently broadcast a Rick and Morty episode, through no fault of his.

“Froste” to Sit Through 48-Hour Ban from Twitch 

It’s not good. If Twitch suspects you are infringing its rules, it will immediately result in the feared ban hammer. That is precisely what happened to “Froste” a popular streamer who dozed off on the job and streamed Rick and Morty while he was asleep.

The streamer was just recovering from a similar DCMA suspension from Disney when he ran into a new pickle. Previously, Froste was streaming Marvel movies without realizing it, and now, he forgot to switch off his Rick and Morty series while he was away, or at least someone did as Froste explained in a tweet.

Even before the news broke, though, fans were already spreading the word fast that Froste was in for another ban because of him broadcasting a Rick and Morty episode, an offense that doesn’t sit well with Twitch’s T&C’s. 

The streamer, though, has retained his good spirits but did say that he’d rather just sleep on stream from now on in, rather than letting other people take over. “Received another copyright strike and 48-hour ban from Twitch,” Froste confirmed in a tweet and added that he was “gonna just sleep on stream for the rest of the subathon instead of giving it to someone else to take over.”

Based on his message, it’s understood that someone was supposed to take care of the stream and avert the mini-calamity that is streaming copyrighted content for the all-seeing Twitch to notice. 

Froste, though will have to be careful. Even though he has only been suspended for 48 hours this time, Twitch is not a platform that easily forgives repeat offenders. In fact, the platform can be rather mean to people who have crossed its T&C’s. 

Dr. Disrespect was previously suspended from the platform without any explanation, even though he had millions of followers and was raking in good money for Twitch. When it comes to Twitch and streaming etiquette, though, it’s best to leave some things as they are per the terms and conditions. 

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