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Published: January 31, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Frost Giant Studios’ latest funding round earned it $25 million, bringing the total funding to $34.7 million
  • The studio will use this money to create a new state-of-the-art RTS title on Unreal Engine 5
  • The studio’s team is comprised of professionals who are confident that they can make their vision come true

Frost Giant Studios will use the $34.7 million it garnished to create a real-time strategy game that appeals to casual and competitive players alike.

Frost Giant’s Funding Will be Enough to Make the Game, Devs Say

Game development heavyweights are seeking to revive the dormant real-time strategy genre once again. The visionaries, working as Frost Giant Studios, announced that they successfully raised a total of $34.6 million that will help their new project come to life.

Frost Giant Studios is led by former Blizzard employees who have worked on the StarCraft and Warcraft games – two of the most beloved RTS titles in the world. The studio itself was founded by the production director of StarCraft 2, Tim Morten and the lead campaign designer of Warcraft III, Tim Campbell.

Thanks to the acknowledged talent of its leadership team, Frost Giant Studios managed to attract investments from some of the big names in gaming, including the game studio Riot Games and the publisher Kakao Games. The visionary team’s latest funding round earned it $25 million, bringing the total budget for making the RTS title to $34.6 million.

Morten thanked the investors, saying that the money will help Frost Giant Studios to make the game it wants to without cutting corners.

“For us, this funding is a testament that the appetite for RTS remains strong in the global gaming community, and we are encouraged to have leading companies like Kakao Games believe in what we’re building and supporting our journey.”

The new company will quickly put this funding into good use and will scale its team up, hiring 20 more professionals to work on the game. With the extra employees around, Frost Giant will have a total of 50 people working on its RTS title.

What’s Known About the Game?

As for the game itself, not much has been announced yet. The team has planned to formally announce the title at a later date this year.

For now, all that is known is that Frost Giant’s upcoming RTS will use the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5. Furthermore, the studio will take inspiration from the old classics and will make a title that is suitable for casual players but has enough depth to be played competitively as an esports game. Furthermore, the RTS will feature a map maker, allowing the community to have its own input on the game. 

Morten concluded that Frost Giant is seeking to make the best title possible. He is thankful to have an experienced team behind his back and is looking forward to making the project come to reality.

“We think we can do it and we’re committed to our mission because of how much we love the genre and its players. We hope everyone who loves RTS as much as we do will be excited to learn more about what we’re up to when we give players a first look at our game later this year.”

Frost Giant Studios founder Tim Morten

Although there is still much that is yet to be announced, it is exciting to see whether this team of industry professionals will be able to open a new chapter for the RTS genre.

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