Garena Free Fire is one of the best mobile battle royale games out there. Today, the game has millions of players and many competitive events, and it even offers you the chance to place a wager on the outcome of a tournament yourself. If you are looking for the best Free Fire betting sites, you have come to the right place, too!

Players who are eager to leverage their knowledge of Free Fire on the outcome of the World Series or some other event have the chance to do so by picking from the most worthwhile esports betting sites and from the best Free Fire betting odds. Let’s take a closer look.

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Best Free Fire Betting Sites 2023 

The list we provide here is meant to guide you to the best Free Fire betting markets and events for the battle royale game. Let’s take a look.

  1. GG.Bet – GG.Bet is one of the best esports betting sites if you are looking to cover bets on Free Fire. The website is known for its esports-centric offer and brings you some of the most competitive markets, the best odds, and a general feeling that you are betting at one of the top esports bookmakers of all time.
  2. Rivalry – Rivalry is another established Free Fire betting site that will provide you with a whole lot of excellent options to bet on the game. Rivalry is known for its clear-cut odds, interesting markets, and overall fairness when drafting the lines and fixtures. All in all, you can rest assured that Rivalry is a solid choice when it comes to Free Fire betting.
  3. BC.Game – BC.Game is a bit of an out-of-the-box place to place your Free Fire bets. As a crypto esports betting site, it will provide you with the opportunity to wager on the outcome of the game in a non-FIAT currency, which can be fun for some players. We still consider the brand’s core offer to be spot-on and offer excellent opportunities.

All in all, these are just some of the mini-reviews we have featured in our Free Fire betting sites. There are many legitimate and trustworthy gaming options. We will now cover how to pick a site such as this yourself.

How to Pick a Trustworthy Free Fire Betting Site?

Picking a trustworthy website is of course something that we all want to do and enjoy. This is why there are several factors that will help us all choose a Free Fire bookmaker that brings you the best esports odds, remains committed to fair play and offers some excellent promos along the way! Here are the factors we consider.

#1 Ease of Use and Overall Reputation

Understandably, we want to recommend a website that is quick and easy to navigate. Players are free to explore the full variety of such sites on the go and enjoy themselves in real time. Players will have access to esports bookmakers that are committed to bringing you an adaptable and easy-to-use platform that works on both desktop and mobile.

#2 Great Odds and Market Variety

Another factor we use to scope out the best Free Fire betting sites is to take a look at what odds they provide. As one of the busiest battle royale games on mobile, Free Fire definitely has plenty of action going on. It’s important that esports betting sites reflect this reality and bring you a variety of opportunities to place a wager.

Besides the markets, though, we expect to see fairly and competitively priced odds that will help you make strong Free Fire bets and enjoy yourself. The odds are particularly important as they will allow you to establish if your esports bookmaker is fair. We do the review for you, but you can equally cross-reference the odds to see if they are in line with what you expect.

#3 Intuitive UI and In-Play Betting Options

Navigation is a particularly important part of the experience, as players get to enjoy quick navigation, swift betting options, and a tight Betting Slip that is created to help improve the overall experience. It’s good to have a quick way to place your wagers and enjoy a wholesome betting experience across the board, and this is what we look for in a betting site ourselves.

#4 Solid Banking Options and Payout

Another relevant factor is the availability of quick deposits and payout methods. Players are very welcome to explore any esports bookmaker they want to, but we recommend sticking to those Free Fire betting sites that have instant banking options.

There are many ways to check out the banking options at a particular bookie, whether through a dedicated review, or just by referencing the methods yourself. For our part, we always test the payment options by depositing and withdrawing money ourselves.

#5 Some Extra Bonuses to Push the Experience Further

If you want to optimize your betting experience with Free Fire, you may consider some of the great marketing tool options that many sites offer. Those include a deposit bonus, free bets, and more.

Now, you never need to worry about picking a bonus to “improve” your Free Fire betting experience, but it does help to have a few extra bets available to you if you know exactly what to do with them.

Free Fire Wagers You Can Place 

There are all sorts of wagers and bets you can place at online bookmakers when it comes to Free Fire. Most of those include popular options but there are a few that will definitely interest you a little more or even catch you by surprise. Let’s have a look.

  • Match winner – The match winner is the winner of a game of Free Fire. This is usually only one game or a series of games.
  • Outright winner – The outright winner markets cover tournament winner expectations. Essentially, you are making a prediction on which team you expect to win the entire event, whether this is the Free Fire Continental Series or something different.
  • Proposition bets – Proposition bets tell you that you will be betting on a very specific condition about the game. There are many such unique propositions to consider as well. Players are asked to bet on which team will draw first blood, secure the most kills, or rout the team in a specific manner. These esports betting markets are always tied to the specificity of the game you are playing.
  • Totals – Totals are a simple betting market. In terms of Free Fire, you will be betting on whether a team is going to score above or under a certain game or whether the game will stretch above or below a certain time deadline.

Top Free Fire Esports Events to Bet On

Then, there are the types of Free Fire tournaments you will want to bet on. Clearly, you want to have access to the top competition available on the market right now, making it worthwhile for you. There is a good number of options to go about, with popular choices such as the Free Fire World Series, Asian Championship, Continental Series, and so many other Free Fire tournaments taking place around the globe.

You can quickly reference the ongoing or upcoming events in both esports betting sites or by simply having a look at Liquipedia and the list of events there. The events feature solid prize pools making them of big interest to participating players and fans who are looking to place a bet on the outcome of a match or a tournament.

Tips on How to Bet on Free Fire and Win 

If you want to make sure that you are able to win the most out of your next Free Fire bet, there are certain things that you can do. We will list some of the tips that we have found to work well over the years, to help boost your chances of winning your next Free Fire bet. Let’s get started.

Know Free Fire’s Top Players

The first thing to do is, evidently, to know the Free Fire scene. You want to follow the best players out there and understand them so that you can have a better understanding of what they tend to do and what you should look out for in a player’s performance to know they are performing well and therefore worth betting on.

Study the Best Teams and Understand Them

You want to definitely keep tabs on the best teams in this battle royale game as they have a ton to teach you. Players will be able to quickly understand what they get to expect from players and teams performing in the game. Following both, the players and teams will make your bets on Free Fire events more accurate than you ever thought possible as well!

Play the Game Yourself for an Edge

If you want to get a true edge when betting on Free Fire events, the best thing to do is to download Free Fire and play the battle royale genre and game yourself. It’s easy to get started and even casual play will actually help you understand the game so much better.

Don’t Ever Feel Pressured to Bet Too Much

There is one issue that many Free Fire players, and especially bettors face – they feel pressured to do something based on arbitrary conditions. There is in fact zero obligation for you to bet big or pursue any massive wagers on the outcome of a single event.

Remember to pace yourself, take it easy and ultimately do anything that will help you have a bit of fun instead of feeling stressed over your open wagers.

Compare Odds at Different Esports Bookmakers 

Another great piece of advice is to just compare odds across the different betting sites that exist. This way, you will always discover the most worthwhile Free Fire betting options. The small changes in the odds value will truly make a significant impact on your gameplay in the end. This is why it’s a good habit to have and enjoy in the long term.

Free Fire Betting Sites Closing Words

Free Fire is a unique game in its own right. Esports fans from all over the world appreciate how far this mobile game has made it. Today, there are numerous esports markets to benefit from and enjoy when looking to bet on Free Fire.

We have brought you some of the best bookmakers to help guide your next wagers to some of the most trusted brands in the industry. To make your bets a success, though, you will have to watch and love the game yourself, and take it easy. After all, Free Fire is meant to be a lot of fun!

Free Fire Betting Sites FAQs 

Is it legal to bet on Free Fire?

Yes, it’s completely legal to bet on the outcome of a Free Fire game. You can do so at a licensed website if you are of the legal gambling age, which can vary from 18 to 21.

Can I bet on Free Fire events safely?

Yes, you can bet on Free Fire events and tournaments safely. All you need to do is find a website that is reliable, trusted, and licensed.

What are the best websites to bet on Free Fire events?

The best websites for Free Fire events betting are GG.Bet, Rivalry and BC.Game at first blush. However, there are many other just as good bookmakers that you may want to explore. Among them are sites such as Bitcasino,, Cloudbet, and more.

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