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Published: February 10, 2022

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  • Fortnite’s new competitive season will begin on February 17
  • The league has prepared a total of $3 million in prizes for the various regions
  • The new season will feature a slightly revamped format

With the Fortnite Championship Series 2022 beginning in a week, Epic Games announced more about the tournament’s format and prizes.

Fortnite Duos Will See the Format Reworked

The next Fortnite esports season is just around the corner. With the exciting competition starting on February 17, Epic Games revealed more about the upcoming events. The company announced that $3 million in prizes await its top players.

Additionally, the new season will adopt a new Duos format, instead of last year’s Trios one. Otherwise, the new season will be very similar to the previous one and will have two open qualifiers, followed by semi-finals and a grand finals event.

Each of the two qualifiers will have three rounds of play. The first one is scheduled for February 17-18 and will see a total of 23 matches played. The second one will take place on February 19-20 and will have 26 matched. During those rounds, teams will earn points depending on their performance. Epic Games mentioned that the top eight squads from each of the two qualifiers will be invited directly to the grand finals.

The semi-finals will take place between February 24 and 27. They have three sessions, with the first two consisting of five matches and the last one of six matches. As Epic Games wants to encourage those who achieve a Victory Royale, the teams who manage the feat will immediately advance to the finals. The other teams advancing to the finals will be the top six teams from each of the three rounds.

Big Prizes Await the Winners

The finals are set for March 5-6 and will see a total of 50 teams play for the big prizes. The FNCS Finals will not differ that much from previous seasons but there will be a new Match Point variable introduced. That means that one of the teams can prematurely end the competition by earning 500 total points and scoring three Victory Royales. This raises the stakes for all players as it will encourage teams to play carefully and aim for those sweet Victory Royales.

In case no team manages to achieve this feat for the 12 games of the grand finals, the winner will be the team with the best overall performance.

The winners of the event will receive a monetary prize depending on their region. Here is the distribution of the prize pool:

  • Europe – $1,362,500
  • NAE – $637,500
  • Brazil – $418,000
  • NAW – $239,500
  • Asia – $145,000
  • Middle East – $114,000
  • Oceania – $92,000
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