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Published: September 20, 2021

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  • Eurogamer has reported that loot boxes will return in FUT
  • FIFA Ultimate Team made $1.60 billion in sales in 2020 or $3,000 per minute
  • Loot boxes are a highly-contested gambling mechanic

Loot boxes will be returning in FIFA Ultimate Mode in 2022, says a newly-released report by Eurogamer awaiting official confirmation.

EA Feeling Positive about Loot Boxes in 2022

Even though loot boxes have caused EA a lot of pain, the digital treasure chests are an indispensable generator of revenue and yes, they will reportedly be making a return in FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode. A report by Eurogamer confirms that the mode will come with loot boxes, or at least cites sources who are confident EA has not given up on what is clearly a great business model.

However, loot boxes’ rewards will no longer be entirely random. Instead, EA will have to clearly display what the chances of getting a particular item are and follows broad debates that involved regulators, charities, and gambling NGOs looking to minimize any potential harm that loot boxes have on underage individuals.

However, the option to preview will be on a cool down meaning that should a player forego a previewed pack, they will have to wait a while before they can preview another one. EA is reportedly confident that this won’t hurt the company’s sales as per the report.

Just the opposite, players will be FAR more likely to buy packs if they know what may drop. The mode uses the game’s special currency, the FUT Coins which are earned in-game. Alternatively, players can just pick FIFA Points which has to be bought with real-world money.

The criticism towards EA’s model has been just. As it turns out, EA’s Ultimate Team has been one of the most successful and lucrative revenue streams for the company, with the 2021 sales reaching the eye-watering $1.60 billion.

Understandably, EA has not been overly keen on suspending loot boxes and has agreed, instead, to create some form of middle ground that is acceptable to regulators and counters public discontent. The company understandably expects even bigger gains from the FIFA 22 packs, although this still ALL has to be confirmed by the company.

Previously, EA had to pull loot boxes from the Netherlands and Belgium completely as governments there took a stern approach towards what many still consider a gambling mechanic that is available to children. 

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