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Published: January 24, 2024

Written by: Barney

  • DRX has been taking a beating in the LCK so far
  • FearX is poised to win with a slight edge over DRX
  • The odds favor bettors even if they pick the favorite here

DRX are not having a great time, having lost all of their four games so far in the LCK Group Stage 2024. FearX has fared better, and yet Cloudbet offers some very tempting odds for either team. Even if you choose to bet on the favorite here, you will do so at some very rewarding fixtures.

Yet, the question remains if DRX is that much weaker than FearX even if it had lost all of its games so far in the competition. We set out to check this one out.

FearX vs DRX Betting Odds


Where to Watch Kt Rolster vs T1?

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  • Time: 12:45 pm
  • Place: Online

DRX Betting Preview

Starting with DRX, this is an interesting outlook for the team entering its third series on Friday, January 26. The team has already lost both previous showings, but admittedly, they played Hanwha Life Esports, the group’s leader, and Nongshim RedForce, another rather middling team.

Looking at the core stats isn’t really helpful, so a closer look at the games is due. HLE did dominate for most of the games, although DRX looked surprisingly close to reversing both games, but ended up losing. Their most underwhelming performance was against RedForce, a team they ought to have triumphed over, but let them beat them twice in a role.

Yet, the odds for DRX aren’t too bad at all, with 2.26 underdogs, which means that they are closely tied to FearX for the upcoming game. Let’s look into what FearX has to offer bettors now.

FearX Betting Preview

FearX is a little better placed in the series if you ask us. They are still the favorite to win the upcoming series, but by surprisingly not that much – at odds of 1.65. This means that the bookmakers think it will be a rather close run-in between the two. FearX has a better overall showing so far in the group, however.

FearX played two tight games with kt Rolster so far in the series, and although the opponents set their dominance quickly in both games, FearX had its moments, almost initiating a reverse in the fortunes. The team performed much better against BRION Esports, which they defeated twice, posting a 2-2 record compared to DRX’s 0-4.

We feel that the assessment that FearX is the slightly better team here is accurate, and that


Right now, DRX seems that it’s not very likely to come back in the series, and we are willing to back FearX on both the To Win and Correct Score. We think DRX will take a single map, stretching the series to three games, but that FearX will ultimately win.

Pick: Pick DRX to Win

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