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Published: March 24, 2023

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  • The European roster won their match against the Brazilians with a dominating 2-0 
  • FaZe did not allow FURIA to reach double-digit rounds on both maps
  • FaZe are now set to go up against FORZE on Friday

FaZe continue to the quarter-finals of the ESL Pro League Season 17 after dominating FURIA 2-0 on Anubis and Nuke.

FaZe Defeat FURIA

The ESL Pro League Season 17 is nearing its end as teams from all around the globe duke it out to get one of the limited spots in the Maltese tournament’s final stages. Finn “?karrigan?” Andersen’s men from FaZe will be one of the lucky teams to participate in the ESL’s quarter-finals after defeating Brazilian team FURIA 2-0 on Anubis and Nuke. 

FaZe continue on their way to winning the Intel Grand Slam title, but their path ahead will not be easy. Despite their chances being increased after ENCE eliminated fan-favorites G2 earlier in the day, FaZe will still have to go up against a formidable opponent in the face of FORZE on Friday. If they emerge victorious from that, they will have to face NaVi, who recently defeated 00NATION and are already in the quarterfinals, in order to earn the title.

How Did the Match Go?

With FaZe denying FURIA to reach double-digit rounds in both maps, the game was very one-sided. The European team took the lead from the start with a pistol round victory on Anubis. FURIA’s Kaike “?KSCERATO?” Cerato, however, helped his team recover after winning a 2vs5 situation. 

Invigorated by this, the Brazilian squad quickly racked up the wins, elevating the score to 5-2 before FaZe could respond. The Europeans woke up again and started training rounds with FURUIA. The former had just enough energy in them to gain a very uncomfortable one-round lead by the end of the first half.

However, as FaZe took the T-side, things were done being a back-and-forth as the European roster once again took the initiative thanks to another pistol round. What followed were multi-kill rounds from Robin “?ropz?” Kool, Russel “?Twistzz?” Van Dulken, and karrigan, which quickly powered FaZe to a 14-7 lead. FURIA’s IGL Andrei “?arT?” Piovezan and fellow teammate Yuri “?yuurih?” Santos helped the Brazilians take a short breather. But their efforts were not enough, as FaZe regained the initiative and quickly wrapped up Anubis 16-9.

FURIA were now well motivated to come back on the following map, Nuke. The Brazilians, firing on all cylinders, powered through the first rounds, gaining a 3-0 lead. Unfortunately, they just were not able to keep up the momentum, as when FaZe responded with their first victorious round, FURIA was not able to string together wins like this for the rest of the map. 

FaZe kept being one step ahead of FURIA as both teams traded rounds, with the first half ending in a small but convincing 9-6 lead for the former. As the sides switched, however, the Brazilians seemed to be lost. They won just one round, with FaZe putting up a stellar defense on the CT side, ending Nuke with a massive 16-7 difference.

FaZe are now on a collision course with FORZE, which will happen on Friday at 15:30 GMT.

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