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Published: September 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Both teams traded a map each, only for FaZe to obliterate fnatic on the last one
  • FaZe is now on a collision course against Natus Vincere
  • Meanwhile, fnatic will face 5yclone in the lower bracket finals

FaZe emerged victorious from an interesting match against fnatic in Malta, which saw both very close maps, as well as a totally one-sided affair.

FaZe Secure Victory

Some of the names to participate in the ESL Pro League’s playoffs are already decided and FaZe is one step closer to being on the list after the team’s spectacular victory over fnatic. Now, the mixed European roster is on a crash course with their regional counterparts of Natius Vincere, while fnatic head to the lower bracket, where they will face off against 5yclone.

Despite FaZe eventually claiming victory, their encounter against fntaic would be anything but easy, at least during the first two maps. In fact, FaZe lost the first one, Ancient, which was also their opponents’ choice. The team got off to a good start on their CT side, their proactive approach catching fnatic napping more often than not. However, fnatic quickly woke up, causing both teams to trade rounds until a 7-8 scoreline was reached by the end of the first half.

When the sides switched, fnatic took the initiative with William “⁠mezii⁠” Merriman standing tall time after time to ensure his team continued to stretch their lead. FaZe scored some rounds near the end of the map, but unfortunately for them, fumbled against a pistol purchase in a key moment, which gave fnatic the last opportunity they needed to wrap up Ancient with a 16-12 score.

Things were about to change, however, when the game switched to Inferno. FaZe had previously steamrolled 9z on said map, allowing them to get to their encounter with fnatic. Unfortunately for them, fnatic would not make it easy for their regional European rivals, as the team constantly harassed FaZe which eventually led to a narrow 8-7 lead by the time the first half ended.

When the sides switched, FaZe was the one who led the game, stringing five on the bounce before fnatic could reply. Another fumble from their opponents allowed fnatic to get back into the half. However, the team strangely gave up banana control nearly every round since then, allowing FaZe to eventually eke out a 16-14 victory on the map.

By this point, both teams had narrowly one map each, and fans were prepared for an equally hotly contested decider on Nuke. However, they may have been disappointed, as the map was a completely different story, with FaZe obliterating their opponents. Fnatic had simply run out of steam, winning just three rounds overall, allowing FaZe to take the map 16-3 and win the match 2-1.

Now, FaZe is setting up an exciting upper-bracket final matchup with Natus Vincere, with playoff seeding on the line.

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