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Published: February 12, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Warzone’s Precision Airstrike got changed recently
  • Now it shows players the plane’s flight path as well as the bomb’s blast zone
  • Fans talked about how the killstreak should be used now

Warzone players have been discussing the changes to the PA that happened in Season 2, some disliking them while others approve.

Fans Criticize the Nerf

Killstreaks have been a classic feature of Call of Duty titles and have been present in the multiplayer of almost every CoD, including Warzone. Despite being somewhat separate from other iterations of the franchise due to its battle-royal mode, the game still features the familiar mechanic, although players do not need a streak of successful kills to use them. Instead, Warzone’s “killstreaks” are found in loot crates, or picked up from dead enemies.

Usually, the game’s devs don’t touch the killstreaks, but recently they decided to nerf the Precision Airstrike in Season 2. Now, the game shows players the flight path of the bombers – as well as the blast zone, making it much easier to avoid it compared to before, when they were just warned by an on-screen banner.

According to some players, these changes made the killstreak practically useless. They discussed the situation in a Reddit post which saw some interesting opinions. On one hand, you had many who agreed with the OP. “If people know exactly what the damage range is well in advance of the strike, they’ll always be able to get out of the way in time,” one comment reads. “Best you can hope for is you have them pinned to one or two exits and can use the PA to flush them out into your sights.”

Other Like the Nerf

However, there’s also the camp that thinks the changes were for the better. Many players feel like the PS now is better as it was too op before because players had no clue were the bombs would be dropped, so they had virtually no way of avoiding being hit.

“I personally like that they added the display of an airstrike on the mini map. I never use them unless I’m trying to full a down or trying to get someone off of high ground on me anyway. Usually when someone who’s not down hears it they move anyway. I think it was BS you had to guess what direction it was going to go and that has killed me a couple times,” one comment reads. “imo it beats accidentally running into a PA that you didn’t even hear, the lesser of two evils,” another one eloquently puts it.

Other players argued that the PA simply has to be used differently instead, claiming it woks best as a a finishing move on downed players. “Not if you snipe. Get the down and the finish with the strike. I’m okay with that,” one highly-voted comment reads.

Like many things related to changes in Warzone, it seems this one is also somewhat controversial, and it will likely take time before fans get used to it.

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