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Published: March 13, 2023

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  • Yuumi received a big rework in League’s Patch 13.5
  • However, it was not received well by the player base
  • Many fans say Riot should just concentrate on other champions

League of Legends’ Patch 13.5 has been out for less than two weeks but fans already think that Yuumi’s rework is a failure.

What Are the Problems with Yuumi?

One of League of Legends’ most controversial champions is Yuumi, a reputation she has had since being released in 2019. She has a relatively easy kit for beginners to learn, making her an easy puck for players who have just come into LoL. This in itself is not bad, but the fact that Yuumi is untargetable while attached to an ally champion means she is tough to kill and can be quite painful to play against.

This becomes more of an issue when experienced players pick the champion and use, or rather abuse her abilities. At one point, Yuumi had a 39% win rate across all ranks, according to U.GG. Fans were understandably annoyed at this and begged Riot to do something about it. The company responded by releasing a small patch a month and a half ago, but those Yuumi nerfs were not liked by players.

However, the so-called Patch 13.1B was just a temporary fix and Riot planned a whole new rework for the champion. Such a rework finally came with League’s Patch 13.5, alongside a ton of other changes to other champions. Paradoxically, Yuumi’s pick rate jumped. In response, her ban rate also increased by 15% and many fans dubbed her rework a failure. 

What Do Fans Think Riot Should Do Instead?

Despite Riot’s attempts at fixing the champion, Yuumi still remains one of the most broken characters in the game. There are many bugs with her after League’s newest patch and players have even found a few exploits to use when playing the champion. 

This frustrated the player base, with many fans agreeing that Yuumi’s rework was a failure. Many went to Reddit to express their frustration and suggest how a proper rework of the champion should be done. “Deep down we know Yuumi will never be ‘fixed’ as long as the untargetabilty remains,” reads a very popular Reddit post discussing the champion. “It’s a conceptual problem. No tweaks will fix it.”

By the fact that the post gathered over 8K likes in just a couple of days, it’s clear that the fan base has come to the same conclusion. Many think that Riot Games should just leave working on Yuumi and instead focus on the other champions or systems in this game that need to be looked at. The players said that permanently banning her is the best that can currently be done

Unless Riot removed Yuumi’s inability to be targeted while attached to an ally, no amount of nerfs will fix the champion, the majority of players seem to agree.

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