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Published: October 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • An exclusive PS5 operator bundle has been leaked
  • Fans don’t seem to like how it looks
  • Many also feel it’s strange that the console version will get exclusive content

Despite CoD seemingly on the way to becoming Microsoft’s property, the PS5 version of the game will receive an exclusive skin, which has been leaked but already criticized by the fandom.

CoD Skin Is Leaked

Like many other games, Call of Duty titles depend heavily on selling cosmetic in-game items to make money. Modern Warfare III will be no exception and the game’s devs have promised that it will launch with a lot of new skins and operators. However, it seems that players are already dissing one particular cosmetic item.

There have already been some leaks regarding the game and one of them is about an operator skin shown by notorious CoD leaker CharlieIntel. It is a PS5-exclusive and even appeared on PlayStation’s CoD marketing roughly three weeks ago. The skin is also part of a bundle that will become available on November 10, the same day on which MWIII launches.

However, Sony might want to think twice before releasing the skin as feedback from the players that have seen the leak does not seem very positive at all. Many fans pointed out how PS5 is still getting exclusive CoD content despite the title now being owned by Microsoft. “Lmaooo imagine spending millions for exclusivity and your competition still gets exclusive skins for a year,” one comment reads.

Many also pointed out that the skin looks terrible and that they would not spend money on it. Players felt that it was a somewhat pitiful attempt on the part of Sony to have a bigger share of the online market. This comes a couple of weeks after UK regulators allowed Activision’s acquisition by Microsoft. The multi-billion-dollar deal was blocked by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority earlier this year over concerns that Microsoft’s purchase would lead to Xbox monopolizing the cloud gaming market.

However, Microsoft was allowed to continue with the purchase on the condition that other companies would be able to have large stakes in the market as well. Ubisoft was one of them and it has already successfully acquired Activision’s cloud gaming rights.

Modern Warfare III’s beta has already been up for a couple of weeks and players seem to be excited about the launch of the full game on November 10. However, concerns still remain in some about the content that the game will provide and fans’ reception of the leaked operator bundle is reflective of that.

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