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Published: November 16, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Nexus Blitz has been out for the past few weeks
  • However, fans seem to think the game mode is already “dead”
  • They blame Riot for not balancing it out and adding new content

The return of Nexus Blitz was highly anticipated, but a few weeks after it was reintroduced in League of Legends, fans seem to have had enough of its lack of balance and changes from last time.

Fans Criticize Riot

League of Legends’ most popular game mode is the classic three-lane match in the Summoner’s Rift that’s become synonymous with the game and even other MOBA titles. However, considering there is just one map on the mode, it can become somewhat boring. This is why it’s good to sometimes play different LoL modes and Nexus Blitz was supposed to be the answer to that.

It was a highly anticipated mode that Rot Games first ran from July 31st to September 11th, 2018, and then years later in 2020 from July 22nd until late August. At the time it became quite popular because it was relatively easy to learn and had short games, meaning it was quite adequate for more casual playing.

The game mode returned to the League servers last month and players quickly swarmed it. However, a few weeks into it many think that it is already dead. Fans complained about this in a recent Reddit thread, saying the mode is “too snowbally and the events are annoyingly random on who they favor.”

It seems the mode has great balancing issues, as it appears to be a constant theme throughout the comment section of the post. Many attribute this lack of balance to Riot not changing anything from the last time the mode was still available on the LoL servers.

According to some players, this was done intentionally, as the mode is an old project that Riot abandoned and now the company is looking for excuses not to bring it back again in the future. “Because it got the Riot classic: provide game mode in shitty state, do not fix it, claim it’s not popular enough to warrant maintenance,” one highly-voted comment reads.

It should perhaps not be surprising that fans have come to this conclusion. Many expressed concerns when Riot announced the return of Nexus Blitz last month because the company did not reveal it had changed anything with the mode. Fans expected this would not be enough to keep the community’s interest for long. This seems to have turned out to be true.

Perhaps the players are right that Riot Games simply does not want to pay much attention to the mode and therefore the company won’t fix its apparent issues. Maybe this would be the last time Nexus Blitz is implemented in the game.

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