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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Fandom Sports has released a new peer-to-peer platform for esports wagers
  • It will allow adults to watch sports and esports events and bet on them, while minors will be able to participate in prediction games
  • The company’s CEO is excited for 2022 and vowed to add more features in the first quarter of the year

Fandom Sports has launched a new esports wagering platform. The company is poised for growth in 2022 and has planned to release various new features and offerings throughout the first quarter of the year.

Fandom Sports Launches a New Platform

Canadian tech company Fandom Sports has released a new peer-to-peer platform for esports betting. The platform’s launch was announced on December 29, 2021.

Fandom Sports has long provided its clients with the means to watch and play esports games, as well as bet on their results. With the new platform’s release, the company will provide its users with fully integrated payment solutions.

David Vinokurov, Fandom Sports’ chief executive and president spoke on the occasion:

“We are super excited to have completed our banking and payments integrations. Now that the first iteration of our modular wagering platform is live, the Company will be transitioning to an operating and revenue generation trajectory. The P2P Esports is the first instance of our modular approach to building out a holistic wagering and prediction platform.”

Fandom Sports David Vinokurov

The company’s platform is available for iOS and Android devices and allows users to participate in various games. Furthermore, Fandom Sports users can also mint NFTs. While Fandom Sports’ betting offerings are reserved only for those of age, minors can participate in all-ages prediction games and receive various digital rewards.

The Company’s CEO is Excited for 2022

As the first quarter of the new year progresses, Fandom Sports plans to add more sports and iGaming offerings and features. The all-ages sports and esports prediction games, for example, are yet to be fully finalized. Fandom Sports plans to release them, alongside a fan engagement platform early in 2022.

“Given that the platform as of launch has been purpose-built from scratch since Fall of 2020, I am pleased with the corporate progress and development road map to date. Furthermore, with the steady flow of product rollouts and additional potential partnerships on the horizon, I’m confident that 2022 will be a transformational year for value creation and an even more fruitful one than this past year,” Vinokurov said.

With the legalization of single-event betting and the fast growth of esports, Fandom Sports is poised for success, the CEO said. He plans to provide fans of esports with great ways to engage with the hobby they love by watching big tournaments, predicting the outcomes of big events, and enjoying premium esports content.

Vinokurov concluded that Fandom Sports is entering 2022 in a strong financial position. He is excited about the company’s future and congratulates the whole Fandom Sports team for its hard work and dedication.

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