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Published: April 19, 2022

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  • Data miners claim to have found out more information about VALORANT’s upcoming initiator agent
  • According to them, she will be called Fade, will be of Turkish origin and will be themed around fear
  • More news should be available soon as the current VALORANT act nears its conclusion

Fade, a fearsome bounty hunter of Turkish origin, is set to be the next initiator agent making its way to VALORANT. Or so leakers claim.

VALORANT Data Miners Reveal New Agent’s Name

VALORANT data miners claim to have found out the name of the next agent that will be making its way into the game. According to the alleged leak, the next playable character in Riot Games’ first-person shooter will be called Fade.

The announcement was made independently by Shiick and ValorLeaks, two different data miners who shared their findings on Twitter. They also found out more curious details about Fade, her backstory and playstyle.

The leakers said that Fade is of Turkish origin and is an initiator agent who chases her enemies down like a fearsome bounty hunter. Judging from VALORANT’s recent content teasers that showed various characters in a state of horror, it is likely that Fade will heavily focus on the fear factor.

The Leak Provided Players with Food for Thought

While those leaks are interesting to think about, they should always be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement has been made by Riot. As of the time of this writing, the company is yet to announce if the next agent will indeed be named Fade and whether her backstory will correspond to what the two data miners shared.

However, it should be also kept in mind that some of Riot Games’ teasers correspond to what the leakers discovered. A blog post from a few weeks ago did indeed confirm that the new agent will be an initiator and implied her oriental origins. Furthermore, Riot Games said that the new character will have abilities that will make the player feel like a hunter who is chasing down their prey.

As the second act of the current episode ends in a week, fans should expect more news to drop soon. The new agent will likely be added to the game at the start of the next act.

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