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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The second day of the LCS Lock-In Tournament saw Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid clash
  • Although the game ended in EG’s favor, it was an exciting match to watch
  • Evil Geniuses also won their fight against Immortals as well and will meet Team Dignitas next

The second day of the LCS Lock-In Tournament culminated with an epic clash between two of the fan favorites – Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid.

A Memorable Clash

The League of Legends Championship Series is on the go and keeps on delivering exciting competitive content. In one of the latest developments, two of the fan-favorite teams, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, have clashed in a fight that will be remembered for months to come.   

The game took place during day 2 of the LCS Lock-In Tournament. It ended with Evil Geniuses eventually winning after several exciting turns of events. 

The Game Was a Great Demonstration of Professional Skills

From the very start, Team Liquid members knew they weren’t up for an easy fight and made some quick changes to their team. With captain Jo “Corejj” Yong-in and Sean “Yeon” Sung joining the fray, Team Liquid was ready to take on Evil Geniuses.

Liquid’s roster changes proved to be worthwhile as Yeon, playing in the bottom lane, quickly started scoring kills. Fifteen minutes into the game and he had an impressive K/D/A ratio of 4/1/1.

Evil Geniuses felt the heat. Its members quickly regrouped and played carefully in order to make up for the losses they’ve suffered. Although the two fan-favorites were fairly equally-matched, Evil Geniuses played it smart and little by little started gaining advantages.

EG started overturning the game when Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme, one of the team’s new additions, helped to defeat Team Liquid in a fight. This led to the Geniuses securing the Ocean Soul for themselves.

The fight continued with Evil Geniuses attempting to assault Team Liquid’s Nexus. Although their first attack failed, the team regrouped and struck a second time. Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki killed Liquid’s captain Corejj which allowed his team to demolish Liquid’s Nexus and by extension win the game.

Evil Geniuses has been having a perfect record so far. Today, on day three of the event, the team defeated Immortals and is currently sitting on a 3:0 score. The Geniuses will next play against Team Dignitas in the Lock-In Tournament’s fourth day.

Team Liquid will also have its next game tomorrow and will test its mettle against Counter Logic Gaming.

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