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Published: November 2, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The esports organization has released all five of its Dota 2 players
  • This comes amid a larger restructuring within the organizations
  • It seems EG might not field a new roster for the next pro Dota 2 season

Evil Geniuses disband its entire Dota 2 roster, a move that fuels more criticism to the organization, which has already been accused of treating a lot of other of its players poorly.

EG Releases Dota 2 Players

Having been founded way back in 1999, Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest North American professional gaming organizations. Over the more than two decades since its inception, the org has fielded numerous rosters in various games. However, not all of these have stayed the same throughout the years and this is also true for EG’s Dota 2 team, which has recently been disbanded.

All of the roster’s five players were let go on November 1, and are now looking for other opportunities. It seems the reason for this is a wave of layoffs that EG has been going through across multiple levels of their structure.

However, this decision may even indicate that the organization might not even field a new Dota 2 roster at all, at least for the foreseeable future. This information comes from EG’s South American social media manager Guashi who said “I’m personally not sure if EG will have a Dota 2 roster this year but we are all parting ways with the org and seeking a new future. Today many layoffs happened at EG and it’s very unlikely that they acquire a new roster.”

Why Did EG Come to The Decision?

Perhaps the disbandment of the team should not come as too big of a surprise to anyone, as it’s part of a big shift within its ranks. The organization has previously been at the center of several scandals regarding the way it treats its players from its various branches.

Most recently, EG came under fire for reportedly firing its Rocket League streamer Elyse “Herculyse” Herrera, noting that her series had no sponsors. However, the organization later continued the series without the streamer a few days after the announcement.

However, this is not the only scandal EG has been a part of recently. Just last month, the organization was once again criticized, this time for allegedly making its VALORANT squad take lower wages, or else leave the organization. This was also preceded by EG letting go of its reserve roster of the game, including one of its coaches.

There are likely many other reasons for what Evil Geniuses have been doing recently, and it seems like the quakes in the organization will continue for the time being.

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