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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The leading esports betting news source and an affiliate, EsportsBets, has signed a pivotal deal with Esports Charts
  • The Esports Charts data-driven solutions will allow EsportsBets to elevate its editorial strategy beyond “sentiment” 
  • Catena Media Head of Esports Gianfranco Capozzi welcomes data and statistics in esports coverage 

EsportsBets is pushing to further elevate its esports betting coverage through an Esports Charts partnership that will benefit both companies and punters.

EsportsBets Brings More Data to Its Coverage  

Catena Media’s esports affiliate and media EsportsBets has struck a content partnership with business intelligence firm Esports Charts in a bid to elevate its coverage and bring more data-driven news and articles to esports betting fans. The partnership will allow EsportsBets to better inform and educate audiences interested in the quickly developing esports betting market.

All over the world, sportsbooks are launching esports betting products in a bid to secure an entry into what was once a shunned vertical in the gambling industry. Parimatch has just signed a tie-up with the Ukrainian Esports Federation, and Luckbox, an esteemed esports-first bookmaker, is looking to expand its content team.   

It’s in this context that Esports Charts and EsportsBets are coming together to create more up-to-date and worthwhile offerings for their respective audiences. Catena Media Head of Esports Gianfranco Capozzi said that he put his trust in data science and statistics as the way forward.

“Our users are some of the most inquisitive on the Internet and highly active when it comes to in-depth research — not just on Google, but also on community sites such as Reddit, specialized forums, and social media,” Capozzi explained and added that Esports Charts would make it possible for the publication to back its editorial publishing efforts.

Esports Bettors Unlike Others in the Past  

Capozzi was convinced that esports fans are new-age bettors, and as such, they have the potential to disrupt established betting verticals and start new trends. He has a point. When esports betting was first floated as a concept, it was merely a way to convert videogamers into sports fans, but the attempt failed.

By 2016 it became evident that only a few sportsbooks were making an actual profit on esports bets. The reason behind this? Esports punters turned out to be too smart for the bookies’ algorithms. Some pioneers were borne out of those early-day efforts, too, though, including but not limited to Betway and Pinnacle.

“Thanks to the real numbers and stats tracked by Esports Charts, I am confident that we can also prove to the most skeptical bookmakers the huge potential of the burgeoning esports market,” Capozzi added. 

Esports Charts was equally happy with the opportunity arguing that the synergies with the organization’s own editorial efforts. “We’re excited to work with EsportsBets and help them achieve their editorial and content goals. Esports Charts is positioned to help the industry in many ways, and we will continue to bring value for our clients and partners,” said Esports Charts Head of Sales & Partnership Sergii Rudenko

According to a Wholesale Investor study, the esports betting market in 2020 was worth $17.2 billion, possibly boosted by a few months that saw a lack of mainstream sports events. In comparison, the global sports betting market is worth $203 billion, according to data found on Statista’s website. 

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