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Published: February 1, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The first-ever Esports World Cup will be held this year in Saudi Arabia
  • The organizer of the event announced a program to support esports teams
  • It aims to help organizations field new rosters and expand their existing franchises

Almost thirty esports teams from around the world will be inducted into the program and receive an annual “six-figure payout”.

EWC Foundation Announces Program

Over the years, esports have grown into a large industry spanning various games and competitive fields with its organizations becoming highly regarded and integrated into larger structures and spheres. Building on this growth of popularity Saudi Arabia will host the first-ever Esports World Cup in 2024, a competition that will include the most popular games in the world. It is set to feature teams and organizations from all around the globe that will compete for a piece of the prize pool, which is set to be the largest one in esports history.

To further help grow the esports field, the Esports World Cup Foundation, the organizer of the event, has announced a program to support esports teams and organizations. It is called the EWC Club Program and it aims to “promote sustainability for multidisciplinary esports clubs” by helping them field new rosters.

How Will the Program Work

Interested organizations can enter through an application process before the deadline on February 15. The program will be open to a total of 28 esports organizations worldwide, out of which 22 will receive direct invitations, meaning that there are just six spots left for applicants. Organizations that have a track record with a “long-term strategy in the esports industry”, according to the EWC Foundation, will have a better chance of being inducted into the program.

It was also stated that esports organizations accepted into the program will be eligible for an annual “six-figure payout”. There haven’t been details about what else the EWC Foundation would offer teams, but the large monetary sum is surely an initiative for many interested organizations. The Foundation is yet to provide concrete criteria for this incentive, however, it has not disclosed any official requirements for teams that end up in the Program in the initial announcement.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation reaffirmed the Foundation’s aims to build a sustainable pipeline for the growth of esports clubs’ existing and future teams. “Our goal is to help the clubs we collaborate with increase their brand visibility, compete in a world-class competition, and elevate esports as a global sport,” he explained. “Enabling the success and growth of esports teams and players will be a key piece of building the future of esports.”

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