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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Under an agreement with Chiliz, Endpoint CeX will launch its first Fan Token
  • The Fan Token will grant players unique experiences as well as participation in a monthly poll that impacts decisions for the esports organization
  • Management of the companies shared their excitement about the latest announcement

Endpoint CeX announced earlier this week that it is going to launch a $ENDCEX Fan Token. The launch will be completed via the fan engagement app, marking the first UK-based esports team to launch a Fan Token.

Endpoint CeX to Launch Fan Token via

UK-based esports organization Endpoint CeX announced on Tuesday this week that it will launch a $ENDCEX Fan Token. In collaboration with Chiliz, which is a global blockchain provider within the entertainment and sports industry, the token will be launched via the fan engagement app

The Fan Token Offering (FTO) is expected to take place on Monday next week, November 18, 2021. By launching its Fan Token, Endpoint becomes the first UK-based esports organization to collaborate with However, this collaboration complements Socios’ growing list of esports partners which together with Endpoint become six.

Besides bragging, the Fan Tokens will offer owners special rewards, exclusive promotions and access to voting rights and more unique incentives. Endpoint’s fans that have picked a Fan Token will gain access to unique rewards. Moreover, fans that purchase the $ENDCEX tokens have the chance to win exclusive rewards from CeX but also participate in activations around the team’s players. Last but not least, the team will enable fans with tokens to also participate in monthly polls that impact key decisions for the organization. It is expected the details regarding the first poll to be revealed soon.

The New Collaboration Will Bring Benefits

The COO of Endpoint CeX, Peter Thompson said that the team is excited to bring the fan engagement to a new level with the help of the growing fan base. He added that joining forces with Socios to launch the Fan Tokens will help change the way the team is growing in the UK esports landscape. In conclusion, Thompson outlined that the team is happy to enable the fans to help “shape the future of Endpoint CeX and be able to reward them in new and innovative ways.”

We’re delighted to welcome Endpoint CeX to as our sixth partner in esports and the first from the UK.” Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and

Chiliz and Socios’ CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, revealed that the companies are excited to have Endpoint as the first UK esports partner. Additionally, he outlined that Socios and Chiliz remain fully committed to creating unique fan engagement opportunities for Endpoint fans. In conclusion, Dreyfus said that he is looking forward to revealing details regarding the partnership and the first-of-a-kind poll soon.

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