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Published: February 3, 2022

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  • Esports data collection startup Omnic Data has managed to raise a large sum of money
  • The company uses its analytics program to gather information on professional players’ performance
  • The need for esports data collection es expected to rapidly rise

Omnic Data, a tech startup that gathers esports players’ performance data, managed to raise $3/4 million in an early funding run.

Omnic Data Raises $750,000

With esports becoming ever more popular, there arises the need for teams to collect data on their players’ performance. That data can later be used by analysts and coaches to better train and optimize their teams. Some companies have popped up to address the need for this data collection and management.

One of these is Omnic Data, a tech startup that managed to raise $750,000 in early funding. The Main company recently opened its first office in Brunswick. It said it will use the raised sum to hire more programmers, who are going to be tasked with expanding its artificial intelligence platform and esports performance analytics tools. Currently, Omnic Data has very few employees, including the company’s founders Shaun Meredith and Chuck Goldman.

Omnic Data’s Impressive Portfolio

The company has already raised a significant sum. This is because despite it being rather small, Omnic Data has participated in the Shaun Meredith and Chuck Goldman. This program of Portland-based Roux Institute at Northeastern University aims to help tech startups refine their business models and attract investors.

Omnic’s data collection software is called Forge. It uses gameplay video to gather statistics and analyze players’ performances. This data can later be used as a tool to coach players to play better. Omnic said that it plans to use its newfound capital to expand Forge by hiring software professionals. “Our vision is to redefine how esports organizations recruit, train, and assess a player’s abilities,” said CEO and co-founder Shaun Meredith on the company’s website, “by disrupting traditional performance measures through advanced statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.”

It has to be noted that Omnic has attracted some quite prominent investors. These include co-founder of Android and a former partner at Google Ventures, as well as Steven Koltai, who was former President Barack Obama’s senior adviser for entrepreneurship, as well as Sam Brin, one of the first employees at Robinhood Financial, a low- or no-fee financial services firm.

Currently, Omnic has signed two professional esports teams, a collegiate team and a club team for its analytics tools. The company is also involved with the development of esports in Maine and recently partnered with Boston-based Uptime Esports to explore bringing a club team to the state.

As the esports market continues to grow beyond videogames, so does the need for data collection. According to Omnic, the global sports analytics market generated $2.2 billion in 2020 alone. This sum is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2028.

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