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Published: June 21, 2021

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  • will strengthen the depth of its esports coverage by tapping Midnite data
  • Midnite, an esports betting company, will allow to bring a detailed breakdown of events from a betting angle
  • Similar data partnerships have been formed between news outlets and other betting companies

As esports betting is continuing to develop,’s parent company, Esports Media Inc, has teamed up with betting platform Midnite to drive better coverage for the gaming media outlet. to Use Midnite Data in Content Creation

Esports Media Inc, which runs the media outlet, has announced a brand new partnership with Midnite, an esports betting platform. As a result, Midnite will allow to use data that in turn would allow the media to provide more accurate and analytics-driven reporting. 

Commenting on this partnership, Esports Media Inc Founder Christian Bishop said that the company’s main priority was to serve the esports community through as many value-added tools as possible. “Midnite is a premium esports and sports betting platform that is a great fit for our community. We have been searching for a partner in this space that is tailored for us,” he noted. is not the only media to seek partnership opportunities with an analytics and data company. Previously, EsportsBets, one of the leading esports betting affiliates and news reporting websites, signed a similar arrangement with Esports Charts.

Esports Charts has an API of event statistics, viewing stats, and more pieces of information that will allow EsportsBets to deliver more research-driven content that elevates its offering, as well as helps players make better-informed decisions. 

Data Will Dominate Coverage in Esports Journalism

Commenting on the partnership with, Midnite Marketing Director Sujoy Roy said that Midnite is heavily involved in the competitive video gaming space, both through betting and the unique CashMode feature that allows fans and players to bet on their own performance. 

“Esports Media Inc provides us with a route to the fans and gamers we need to connect with. This partnership will supercharge our growth and help us launch new products for the community,” Roy added.

A similar alliance was formed between Clarion Gaming and Esports Charts, with the pair teaming up for a special “esports betting calendar” that provides players with insight on what competitive gaming events would have the “biggest impact” in terms of wagers. 

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