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Published: February 1, 2024

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Users of can now link their accounts to the ESL FACEIT Group
  • This will grant them various drops and rewards such as skins and discounts
  • Cross-promotion is one of the biggest goals of this partnership

ESL FACEIT Group is expanding its already large outreach in CS2 by announcing a collaboration with skin trading platform

Companies Announce Partnership

Trading skins for Counter-Strike weapons is one of the mainstays of the game with many people making serious money practicing it. A whole economy has sprung up around this so it’s no wonder big franchises such as ESL FACEIT Group want to be more involved in it.

This will be made easier for the group after the recent announcement that it has entered a strategic partnership with skins trading platform The information was broken on Tuesday, January 30, with posts from both entities hyping the new collaboration.

As per the release, the partnership with has evolved from a previous collaboration between the cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT and FACEIT. The WhiteBIT development team later went on to create, meaning it was quite natural for the two entities to strike a deal now.

The new partnership is a big step for, which is a peer-to-peer skins trading platform that facilitates fund withdrawals in multiple national and cryptocurrencies. It currently offers one of the best ways to trade in-game Counter-Strike cosmetics and the collaboration with ESL FACEIT will see its share of the market grow.

Speaking of ESL FACEIT, the organization is the largest esports tournament operator in the world. It is part of the Savvy Games Group, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. It was created when ESL and FACEIT were merged two years ago after the aforementioned Savvy Games Group bought them out. This has made the new organization’s influence in the world of competitive Counter-Strike even bigger. The next large event ESL FACEIT is organizing is the IEM Extreme Masters Katowice this month.

What Will the Collab Offer?

Cross-promotion is one of the biggets goals of the collaboration between the two entities. This will be done thanks to the various activities that have been planned out for users of the platforms. Those traders who connect their account to FACEIT will be able to participate in missions and events from both entities.

Rewards from ESL FACEIT Group will include Counter-Strike skins, premium subscriptions, cash deposits, and exclusive discounts on the platform. For their part, will extend its reach from the digital space into the real world through the various ESL Pro Tour live events that will be held soon. It should be noted, however, that for now the collaboration is in effect only in Europe and Latin America, due to limits on skin trading.

“ESL FACEIT Group and are united by the love of Counter-Strike. Our mutual goal is to contribute to the community and to build a platform that creates a unique gaming experience for all. We have a vision to create more than the ordinary marketplace, and we welcome EFG to participate in this journey,” said Oleksandr Shapoval, CEO of  about the partnership. “We are looking forward to the start of IEM Katowice 2024, for which we prepared several innovative activities and competitions. And it’s only the beginning… GO RUSH B with us!”

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