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Published: December 10, 2021

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  • Two of the biggest Dota 2 broadcasters enter a new agreement
  • CEOs share their hopes for the collaboration
  • This is hoped to massively expand the already large audience Dota 2 has

Beyond The Summit and Epic Esports Events signed a deal that will allow them to broadcast Dota 2 tournaments to a wider audience.

EEE And beyond Summit Expand Their Partnership

Epic Esports Events and Beyond The Summit are two popular tournament organizers who have collaborated on various projects before and are now expanding their partnership. The new joint project will involve broadcasting Dota 2 esports competitions.

As part of the new deal, the two operators will be able to exchange media rights for the airwaves of all their tournaments. This means that RuHub Studio will broadcast the Beyond the Summit tournaments in Russian and Beyond the Summit will cover Epic Esports Events competitions in English. Some of the streamed tournaments will include the Dota 2 Champions League Season 6 matches from January 2022.

CEOs Said a Few Encouraging Words

Product Director at Beyond the Summit David Parker said that EEE is excited for the new Dota 2 season in 2022. He hopes that the new collaboration will succeed in growing the audience and viewership of the events to the Russian-speaking community of the game. “The CIS region has seen huge growth and success over the past year and we can’t wait to broadcast EEE events to our English-speaking fans as well.”

CEO of Epic Esports Events Mark Averbukh said the company welcomes the expansion of partnerships with their colleagues from Beyond the Summit. “We are confident that this partnership will allow us to attract even more attention to English-speaking audiences!”

The head of RuHub Studio also had a few words to say, stating that “This case once again confirms that the synergy between EEE and RuHub allows us to give new dynamics to the development of our business, turning into an additional competitive advantage in the market.” He finished by saying that he hopes all parties involved in the agreement will walk away satisfied.

Dota 2’s Popularity in Russia

Russia has always been a source of a large portion of the Dota 2 community and many of its pro players. Dota 2’s price and accessibility blend well with the often lower-income of Russian gamers, compared to their Western European or US counterparts. Epic Esports Events recognizes the game’s popularity in the country and this summer they hosted the Dota 2 Champions League series along with the Russian Esports Federation.

The next season of the Dota 2 Champions League will feature 13 teams from across Europe and the CIS region, which will be competing online for a share of the $50,000 prize pool.

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