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Published: January 14, 2022

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  • Envy Gaming will operate Esports Stadium Arlington for the next eight years
  • The organization secured those rights in a $2.35 million deal
  • Envy Gaming continues working to score a naming rights agreement as well

Envy Gaming has secured an operating contract for Esports Stadium Arlington and continues working towards getting a naming deal as well.

Envy Receives Operating Contract for Esports Stadium Arlington

The North American esports organization Envy Gaming has scored a monumental deal by securing an operating contract for Esports Stadium Arlington.

Dallas Morning News journalists reported that the deal cost $2.35 million and will provide Envy with access to the stadium for the next eight years. This is exciting news for fans of the organization as Esports Stadium Arlington is a state-of-the-art venue, equipped with cutting-edge technology. Not only does the stadium boast a 100,000 square feet area, making it the biggest esports arena in Texas, but it also has 90-foot LED displays, an RGB stage and various theatrical visuals.

The venue was recently used to accommodate the Esports Awards event which took place last November. The stadium was flooded by notable people in competitive gaming, including athletes, content creators, analysts and the like. In total, this event saw Esports Stadium Arlington easily accommodate 300,000 viewers.

Envy Is Already Making Plans

Envy Gaming has some big plans now that it has been authorized to manage the stadium. The esports organization envisions multiple events across various esports titles. Envy will showcase its professional team in spectacular home games that will be watched by thousands of people, both live and on stream.

Geoff Moore, the president and chief operating officer of Envy Gaming, spoke on the deal. He claimed that Esports Stadium Arlington is the best venue not only in Texas but in the whole of North America. He elaborated why he thinks so:

“Live events, and the reactions they generate from the players and audiences, create a unique experience for both the attending fans and anyone watching the broadcast. The beauty of Esports Stadium Arlington is that this valuable experience can be created very efficiently.”

The first of many events to take place at Arlington will be a season opener event for the Call of Duty League – the CDL Kickoff Classic. The event will see the 12 franchises, including Envy’s, and their fans come to the stadium and open the new Call of Duty competitive season with a blast. The event is scheduled to begin on January 21.

Meanwhile, Envy Gaming will continue to secure naming rights for the stadium.

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