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Published: January 28, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Entain has questioned 16,000 people in the UK about their gaming habits and whether they play at all
  • The results demonstrated that gaming isn’t something that only young people enjoy
  • It was estimated that adult gamers as more than four times more likely to participate in gambling

Entain’s recent research has shown that there are a lot of adult gamers who are much more likely to place a bet than non-gamers.

Entain’s Survey Shows Adults Also Like to Play

The international sports betting and gambling company Entain has led research on video gaming, demonstrating the potential of the video gaming betting sector developing in the future. According to the betting titan’s findings, there is a correlation between interest in video games and interest in gambling.

Entain asked 16,000 people in the United Kingdom about their attitude to video games. It turned out that about two-thirds of the male parents between 25 and 44 years play on a regular basis, shattering the false belief that gaming is something reserved only for younger audiences. While the youth is still more likely to play video games (53% of the respondents under the age of 24 said they tend to play) the adults aren’t that far behind. Furthermore, judging from the responses of people in the 25-44 range, dads tend to be more likely to play games.

There is also a substantial number of women playing video games although significantly lower than their male counterparts. It was estimated that women between 25 and 44 are half as active in gaming as men in the same age range.

Gamers Are More Likely to Bet than Non-Gamers

 Additionally, it was concluded that adult gamers are 4.3 times more inclined on placing a wager and 4.5 more likely to play iGaming titles than non-gamers. This is a crucial statistic for the betting industry which has been long following the developments in gaming and esports.

Dom Grounsell, Entain’s deputy director of digital, commented on the survey’s findings. He noted:

“Enthusiasm for gaming, mobile, and more social forms of interactive entertainment is far from confined to younger generations. People of all ages – particularly middle-aged dads – enjoy gaming and seem to love experimenting with new and exciting content.”

He added that Entain is currently developing new interactive betting experiences that will better suit the needs of gamers who want to gamble. This is a part of Entain’s broader tendency of taking the developments in gaming and esports to heart and aiming to offer increasingly interactive experiences to the public.

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