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Published: August 12, 2021

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  • Entain is expanding into the skill-based esports wagering with the acquisition of Unikrn
  • No specifics were given about the deal outside of the acquisition timeline which is expected to be before 2021 is out
  • Entain’s Unirkn purchase is just another step forward for the company as it seeks to expand into multiple verticals and emerging markets

Unikrn will be acquired by Entain later this year as part of Entain’s efforts to consolidate its standing in new and emerging markets.

Entain Announces Pending Acquisition of Unirkn

After posting a solid financial performance in the second quarter of the year, gambling behemoth Entain is moving into the esports space with the acquisition of Unikrn, its technology platform, products and team. This makes for one of the most serious moves into esports betting by a mainstream gambling company to date.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed and they are subject to speculation. However, Entain should be assuming full control of the Unirkn brand before 2021 is out. One of the biggest assets Entain seems to value in Unikrn is its “skill-based wagering” concept which essentially allows players to bet on themselves for completing different objectives in the game.

The platform calculates the odds of this happening and uses a special anti-fraud measure that can detect substantial spikes in a player’s performance. Furthermore, Entain is convinced that it can help Unikrn become a leader in esports, with Entain’s own tech team coming to the job.

“These, combined with our capabilities, analytics, regulatory experience, player protection, and scale, provide a unique industry-first platform to address this exciting and growing market,” a statement by Entain read.

New Markets Loom as Entain Moves in on Innovation

Entain has been long preparing for making a bolder move into esports, with now the appointment of Justin Dellario, the former head of esports at Amazon-owned streaming giant Twitch. The company is also planning to launch a social casino but it has not provided too many details about that.

Entain chief executive Jette Nygaard-Andersson commented on the company’s potential to explore new verticals with a high level of success, arguing that the company remains committed to growing into fresh and emerging markets.

She suggested that there were several entertainment segments that stood a real chance to be “several times larger” than what they are today. Nygaard-Andersson was also pleased with the arrival of Dellario.

“One exciting opportunity is the growing esports skill-based wagering market.  We are building the first scalable platform to address this market and I am delighted that Justin Dellario is joining us to lead our growth in this new area,” the chief executive added.

Entain continues to look to expand its acquisition funnel and create powerful customer engagement flywheel effects. According to Nygaard-Andersson, growth is encoded in Entain’s very DNA.

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