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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Enlight will be launching four esports career programs
  • They will cover a variety of sectors and will teach people both technical and interpersonal skills
  • Enlight’s programs are open for registration until July 5 and will begin on July 19

Enlight is preparing to launch four career programs that will train people for work in the esports industry. 

Enlight’s Programs To Train People For Careers In The Industry

Еnlight, an online platform focused on introducing people to careers in esports, will be doubling its efforts by launching four career programs. Each will teach people all the important knowledge on working within the esports industry

The programs will vary in nature and will be focused not as much on becoming an esports athlete but rather on all the supporting roles that make the industry’s existence possible. They will cover the following sectors:

  • Competition and event operations
  • Broadcast production
  • Social and community management 
  • Talent management

Each of the four programs will teach students both technical and interpersonal skills that will help them succeed in their respective fields. The technical sessions will focus on the skills that are closely tied to the program’s sector, while the interpersonal sessions will teach more universal skills like leadership, teamwork, reviewing a resume, etc. 

Technical sessions will include both a lecture and follow-up training. 

The programs begin on July 19 and will continue for six weeks. Each week there will be two live sessions. The programs will have the same price and will cost $500. Those who are interested can sign up in the next weeks until the registrations close on July 5.

Enlight Has Assembled A Strong Team Of Advisors

Enlight has gathered a strong lineup of advisors for the programs. Those include some notable names in esports such as:

  • Soren Vendsahm – general manager of Complexity Gaming 
  • Cristina Amaya – head of events at Team Liquid
  • Gene Chorba – senior developer relations at Riot Games
  • Garret Spenst – trade marketing content specialist at Elgato

Enlight’s founder Eunice Chen proudly said that the company is responsible for organizing the talent sector in the esports ecosystem. 

 “These career programs standardize and prepare career-ready candidates from around the world straight to the best esports companies,” Chen added.

Enlight’s actions prove what Chen said as the company is indeed working to the benefit of the esports industry as a whole. Enlight has handed down $5000 in scholarships for women and others who might require monetary help. This in itself is a part of a bigger trend of esports companies raising awareness and helping underrepresented groups. 

It is good to see the esports industry grow and become more welcoming to newcomers. Previously esports seemed much less approachable to those who haven’t been passionate gamers for years, but now the whole subculture has become more open. Enlight has now joined the likes of TSM FTX and Misfits Gaming, who recently launched their own initiatives that aim to help and inspire newcomers and underrepresented groups

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