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Published: January 19, 2022

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  • Microsoft recently announced plans to purchase the scandal-plagued Activision Blizzard
  • This has many Activision Blizzard employees worried
  • They say the deal might drown out their calls for a better workplace environment

With the announcement that Microsoft is going to buy Activision Blizzard, many employees have expressed worries that this will not fix the latter’s toxic workplace culture.

Employees Voice Concerns

On January 18, Microsoft announced they will be buying video game giant Activision Blizzard for the grand sum of $68.7 billion. This would make the acquisition the largest deal ever in the video game sector and will make Microsoft the third-largest gaming company by sector, behind Tencent and Sony.

However, not long after the announcement was made, heaps of current Activision Blizzard employees have voiced concerns about the deal. Many have taken to social media, expressing worries that their pleads for a better workplace environment will not be heard under future management.

The source of employee concern is again the many sexual scandals that have plagued Activision Blizzard since summer last year when the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) sued Activision Blizzard for promoting a culture of “constant sexual harassment.” These scandals and their repercussions echo to this day and involve prominent figures from the corporate hierarchy, including CEO Bobby Kotick.

Here Is What They Are Worried About

With a tarnished corporate image, Activision Blizzard’s shares dropped significantly, perhaps prompting Microsoft to buy the company. Despite that, many current employees are worried about their careers. Many have come forward saying they are fighting the toxic workplace culture and that the purchase will simply stifle their complaints.

Moreover, other employees have come forward saying they are dissatisfied with the fact that Bobby Kotick will retain his post for the time being, and perhaps even after the purchase is complete. Many, including employees and prominent streamers, have accused Kotick of not doing anything about the toxic workplace environment, which apparently, he knew existed for years. In late November there was a petition, signed by millions, to remove him from his post. In the end, nothing came to fruition from that event.

Fortunately for disgruntled employees, they still have some time to protest any decisions Microsoft might make. According to the BBC, the deal is expected to be finalized towards the end of 2023. In all likelihood. Microsoft cannot currently do anything about Activision Blizzard’s corporate hierarchy.

For now, employees are stuck in some kind of a limbo state. Some have stated that they will be fine with a Microsoft takeover if the new owners allow employees to unionize. Others, however, remain skeptical and are worried about things never getting better.

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