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Published: July 15, 2021

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  • eFuse is teaming up with the College Call of Duty League to help more aspiring professionals get discovered
  • Collegiate esports has focused on many aspects of the experience, but not always competitive gaming per se
  • eFuse and CCL want to change that by offering more opportunities for competitive-minded players to get picked up

Call of Duty players on the collegiate level will have another opportunity to get discovered thanks to eFuse and CCL. 

College Call of Duty Gets Two Events This Summer 

EFuSs, an esports social media startup, is now teaming up with the College Call of Duty League (CCL) to bring more worthwhile opportunities to competitive-minded students this summer. The companies will work together to launch two events in the next month, helping full-time college students who are competing in Call of Duty explore additional opportunities to hone their skills and possibly go professional.

While college esports has been on the rise, many have been skeptical of whether student-players can make it as professionals, which is salaried gamers. While some skepticism persists, there have been more efforts to put a greater focus on pure esports on the collegiate level.

The first event planned by eFuse and CCL will start on July 19 and run through July 31, featuring a modest but still worthwhile $1,000 prize pool. The “2021 College CoD Summer 8’s” is just the first of the series to come.

EFuse CEO Matthew Benson said that his organization was happy to help promising and talented gamers become more successful. If awareness of up-and-coming players may have been an issue in the past, eFuse is making decisive strides towards nurturing a more successful collegiate esports ecosystem.

“By partnering with College CoD, we’re helping tomorrow’s esports stars get the visibility they need today. I can’t wait to see these players go off. It’s going to be a great show,” Benson said. Once the 8’s wraps up, players will get to enjoy the College CoD Summer Open, which will feature the more tempting $5,000 in prize money and be played from August 28 through August 29. 

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