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Published: August 30, 2021

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  • Dr Disrespect has floated a new idea about integrating non-fungible tokens in his upcoming game(s)
  • NFTs and crypto will be a way to guarantee players some stake in the game(s) they play
  • Similar economies have been tried among fans in the past but Doc wants to take it onto the next level

Doc is talking about incorporating NFTs and crypto in his studio’s upcoming games. How is it going to work?

Dr. Disrespect Talks NFT and Crypto in Gaming

A few weeks after Dr. Disrespect revealed plans to coin his own game studio, the streamer is back with a new bold statement. Dr. Disrespect will look to break ground not just in video gaming, but similarly, into the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

With organizations such as BLAST and WePlay exploring the use of NFTs as part of their fan-engagement offer, Dr. Disrespect is definitely on terms with current affairs. Doc wants to allow players the opportunity to invest in NFTs, which may still be a little unknown in the esports space as of now.

To achieve his goal, he will be collaborating with a number of indie developers who will collaborate with Doc’s own studio. Before you go on to judge Doc for launching a studio, keep in mind that he is an experienced map creator and has managed communities for major games in the past.

His ambitious project revealed earlier this month is also a great idea to innovate the battle royale space. A “vertical” survival shooter is now on the cards where all people will start on the first floor of a building and try to get to the top.

During a stream of GamesCom, Doc commented about much of the developments in the gaming industry and said that they have inspired him to move onto the next stage of his career.

Doc will probably look to implement NFTs in the game right away, but how well they perform will depend on how well they are conceptualized at the drawing stage and then implemented into the actual game. Doc also believes that the current battle royale game lacks speed, aggression, and character.

A Design That Asks for It

He believes that by having people invest in NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the upcoming game, and later studio releases, people will feel inclined to preserve and develop the games, as well as have a stake in those games.

“NFTs, cryptos are designed into the infrastructure of the game revenue system. Now players can have equity, creators can have potential equity in the project as well,” Doc said. He didn’t provide much information as to what and when this will happen and why players would be motivated into buying these tokens.

Allowing players to own a share of the game is also a great idea, but without expanding on it, it may get a little difficult to grasp. Imagining a gaming world where the in-game economy has a real-world value isn’t difficult, though.

Runescape and World of Warcraft, for example, both had similar success, although, in the case of the latter, it was “achieved” through the underhand sale of gold from illegal sellers. Doc, though, will definitely seek to break away from any tradition or reference to past titles.

His battle royale game will be something to behold and we cannot wait to see what comes next. Meanwhile, the streamer said that he’s going to sue Twitch over a ban that was issued to him over a year ago.

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