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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Dr Disrespect forced to sit out the $100K Payout Warzone by Toronto Ultra
  • Doc’s Twitch suspension continues to haunt him as he remains a streaming pariah
  • Streamers and fans still want to pair up Dr Disrespect and play but are cautious not to incur Twitch penalties  

Dr Disrespect will not be allowed to participate in the Toronto Ultra $100K Payout Warzone tournament due to his Twitch ban.

Dr Disrespect to Sit Toronto Ultra $100K Payout Warzone Out

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect will not attend the $100K Payout Warzone tournament hosted by Toronto Ultra, a Canadian CoD team competing in the Call of Duty League. The news has left many fans disappointed, as Dr Disrespect is one of the most prolific content creators for Warzone. There may be a good reason for Doc skipping the event after all.

Haunted by a Twitch ban dating back to 2020, Dr Disrespect’s community appearances have taken a hit, with not much known about the actual terms of his suspension. It’s because of that Twitch ban that Dr Disrespect finds himself hemmed in by the Amazon-owned giant.

Due to the permanent nature of the suspension he received, Twitch prohibits any other content creators from appear on the same stream with Dr Disrespect, making him a community pariah when it comes to live appearances with others. And, it’s not so much that Dr Disrespect can’t actually make it on his own as a streamer.

Rather, fans have been yearning to see him back in action with other fellow streamers, which proves as far-fetched a goal as ever because of the Twitch-imposed ban.

The Twitch Ban Leaves a Gnarly Feeling

Following the Twitch sanction, Dr Disrespect found a new home on YouTube, bringing a sizable chunk of his viewership along with him.

And, as to the terms of his suspension, Dr Disrespect claims to have no knowledge of what may have prompted the decision. A memorable and quirky personality, Dr Disrespect has done well all by himself.

Notwithstanding his own comfort, though, fans have been frustrated not seeing their community guru featured in some of the biggest events out there.

First speculation, though, the news was later confirmed by Zack “ZLaner” Lane who explained that the Toronto Ultra $100K Payout Warzone event will be off-limits for Dr Disrespect.

Speaking on his own stream, ZLaner said that Dr Disrespect will have to skip the event and he, meaning ZLaner, would have to carry on by himself. ZLaner called up Dr Disrespect to seek a way to assist him in alleviating the situation, but Doc responded that there was no fixing it.

ZLaner confirmed that he is ready to team up with Dr Disrespect in any tournament that falls on the whitelisted side for content creators. While the reasons for Doc’s suspension remain a secret, rumors continue to swirl.

Speculation about whether Dr Disrespect is in his right to sue Twitch have washed over social media and discussion boards on Reddit.

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