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Published: October 21, 2021

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  • Dr Disrespect rages and hits his expensive setup on stream.
  • A lost round in CoD: Warzone prompts the Doc to go on a rant about aim assists.
  • He says the aim assist feature in Warzone is akin to “wallhack”.

It seems Warzone’s aim assist has gotten the better of popular streamer Dr Disrespect. Because of it, he smashed his expensive setup and said the feature was like a “wallhack”.

Dr Disrespect Rages on Stream

Probably every gamer out there has experienced at least one episode of “gamer rage” in his lifetime – that moment when you’ve died repeatedly on a level, or by someone in the opposite team, and you slam your desk out of frustration.

Well, these are normal human emotions and top streamers are not immune to their negative effects. Recently the much-loved content creator Dr Disrespect had such a moment, that resulted in him damaging his expensive setup.

This happened on stream when he and fellow streamer TimTheTatman were teaming up in “The Last Dance in Verdansk”, in which they finished last. On that Dr Disrespect fell victim to Warzone’s aim assist.

He was playing against Tommey and Almond, thinking he had flanked them. He was trying to peak them, however, at that moment Tommey’s aim assists “just locked on”, which facilitated him to quickly mow down Doc.

Dr Disrespect’s Rage Rocks His Setup

After seeing the killcam Doc stood up, arms in the air, and punched his gaming chair with a shout of “f*ck”, a blow so strong it shook his whole setup. “I’m so sick and tired, man!”, he yelled as he sat back down. Continuing his rant, he said, “I’m just f**king sick and tired of this cheesy ass aim assist, all this crossplay!”

After that, he and TimTheTatman moved onto the next lobby when his chat prompted him to comment on their back seating. “If I want to hear your advice, I’ll ask. It’s the worst thing you can do!”, he said. Timmy was the Doc’s fury’s final victim, as he said Timmy had “choked.”

Fortunately, the streamer collected himself as much as he could and did not hit his setup once more but continued his criticism towards the Call of Duty feature he believes is “slowly killing” the franchise’s battle royale.

“It’s disgusting the advantage controller players have, and really,” he said, “it feels like they’ve got seventh-grade training wheels on.”

Dr Disrespect has been an avid battle royal player recently and his dislike of the aim assist feature in games such as Apex Legends and Warzone has become somewhat infamous. In a recent stream, he straight up called it “a version of hacks.”

“At this point, you might as well just call it hacks,” he said. “It’s like a version of hacks. Except they’re not headshots, but all the bullets go onto your body.”

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