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Published: November 19, 2021

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  • Dr Disrespect has been having a blast playing Halo Infinite
  • Despite this, he has some critique towards a few aspects of the game
  • His main points of concern are the damage indicators and the lack of map variety

Dr Disrespect loves Halo Infinite so far, with only two little things preventing him from considering the game to be flawless.   

Dr Disrespect Speaks about Halo’s Damage Indicators

It is no secret that Dr Disrespect has been delighted by Halo Infinite. The latest entry in the Halo franchise has absolutely immersed the controversial streamer. Yet, for all of the praise, the Doc added that there is one big change he would like to see for the game to become incredible.

The thing that grinds the content creator’s gears seems to be unhappy about is Halo Infinite’s terrible damage indicators. Dr Disrespect is really annoyed by Halo Infinite’s philosophy to warning players their health is getting lower and he thinks the game doesn’t do a good job to communicate that crucial information. 

“The amount of damage I’m receiving from another player, their shots… It’s not like I really want to be blinded by all the VFX and audio and my controller vibrating out of its mind, but if 343 can just boost up the messaging, that would make the whole game incredible. Much, much better,” the Doc explained.

Dr Disrespect complained that sometimes he dies in seconds without really feeling it as he does in competitor shooter titles. He added that when friendly fire is added to the calculation, indication gets even harder to read.

The Doc Would Also Like Some More 4v4 Maps

Dr Disrespect also had a minor critique on the map variety that Halo Infinite offers, especially when it comes to 4 versus 4. He explained that he misses the unique atmospheric feeling that some maps in previous entries to the Halo franchise used to have.

The Doc added that he may be acting a little “greedy” and that it is still early to judge the map variety, considering that the game isn’t even fully out yet. It isn’t out of the question that 343 Industries will add more distinct maps in future updates.

Despite his two concerns, however, Dr Disrespect has been having a blast playing Halo Infinite. This comes at a time where most of the new first-person shooters he’s tried have quickly bored him. He quickly left Battlefield 2042 behind and was disappointed by Call of Duty Vanguard.

Halo Infinite seems to be different as the Doc admitted that it makes him want to play and he’s having genuine fun, instead of playing as a chore. The streamer praised the new title and said that he would happily grind it for months to come.

This isn’t the first time the Doc has addressed Halo Infinite. In September, the streamer suggested that adding a battle royale mode to the game will dramatically benefit its viewership. 

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