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Published: March 28, 2022

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  • DQA made an unprecedented move in TFT esports history by surrendering to qualify for Worlds
  • By forfeiting a game, the player ensured that he would be the one with the highest average placement outside of the top three players
  • The move was legal as TFT’s rules allow athletes to surrender as long as it benefits them

DQA became the first player in TFT history who qualified for the World Championship by forfeiting a game.

DQA’s Clever Move Got Him Into Worlds

Daniel “DQA” Li, a professional Teamfight Tactics player, has secured his spot in the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship through an unorthodox tactic. By surrendering at the NA Regional Finals, the player received a one-way ticket to the climactic event.

The Regional Finals in North America had four spots for the World Championship in store – three of them to be won by the best three players and one to be won by the player with the highest average placement throughout the finals. DQA aimed for that last one.

The player had a total score of 2.83 at the beginning of the Regional Finals’ third day. His competitor Guubums had a similar record with 2.92. Guubums had high chances of becoming one of the top three players in the event. This could change if Ramblinnn became first, and Guubums got placed seventh or eighth.

At that time Rumblinnn was on a winning streak, with Guubums set to become seventh. This is when DQA decided to tactically surrender, helping Guubums grab the sixth place and finish among the top three players in terms of overall standing. This, in turn, assured that DQA would be the one to grab the fourth ticket for the World Championship.

The Tactic Was Deemed Valid by the Arbiters

According to Teamfight Tactics’ competitive rules, surrendering is a valid tactic that is only allowed in the rare instances where it benefits the one surrendering. This situation fulfilled those criteria, making DQA’s surrender a legal move. DQA finished eighth in the NA Regional Finals but thanks to his cunning, he qualified for the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship.

DQA’s forfeited game assured that Guubums will be one of the other players to qualify for the event. The other two are BG Milk and TL Goose. In the meantime, Ramblinnn, who took first place in the sixth game, was actually fourth in terms of overall standings. He will have one more shot at the World Championship during the Last Chance Qualifier.

DQA’s tactical surrender is an unprecedented happening in the world of competitive Teamfight Tactics and definitely a move that will go down in TFT esports’ history.

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