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Published: February 6, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The event will be held at the first-ever EWC in the Saudi Arabia capital
  • Only the top 20 teams on the EPT leaderboard will be able to compete in the event
  • The EWC will consolidate Saudi Arabia’s position as a hub for international esports

With the addition of the Riyadh Masters to the upcoming Esports World Cup 2024, Dota 2 becomes the fourth game to be featured at the huge event.

Dota 2 Is Added to Esports World Cup

As esports grow more and more, a lot of tournaments are created to capture a wider audience and create an even bigger ecosystem. One of the largest new events that will be held this year is the Esports World Cup – a multigame tournament that will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital.

Yesterday it was announced that Dota 2 will be included in the event, becoming the fourth esports title to be featured at the Esports World Cup as the Riyadh Masters is now officially a part of the event. The other three titles that are currently included in the tournament are Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Starcraft II, and Counter-Strike 2.

To get to the Riyadh Masters, and thus be a part of the first Esports World Cup event, teams must collect EPT points through various ESL-organized tournaments. It should be noted that only the top 20 teams on the EPT leaderboard will be able to compete in the Riyadh Masters. Here’s the ESL Pro Tour point distribution among the ESL tournaments:

  • DreamLeague Season 21 – 10440 PTS
  • ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 – 19980 PTS
  • DreamLeague Season 22 – 18550 PTS
  • ESL One Birmingham 2024 – 26640 PTS
  • DreamLeague Season 23 – 26100 PTS

Riyadh Masters 2024 will also feature both open and closed qualifiers for all seven of the qualifier regions, which are slated to start sometime around July 2024.

What Would the Esports World Cup Mean for Saudi Arabia

One of the main reasons why Saudi Arabia is investing so much in this event is to increase the sector’s contribution to the Kingdom’s gross domestic product by more than SR 50 billion (around $13.3 billion) by 2030. The development of the esports ecosystem in the country will also create tens of thousands of more jobs.

Considering the scale of the upcoming Esports World Cup, it will likely be the largest global esports event of its kind. It will serve to consolidate Saudi Arabia’s position as a hub for international esports. “The Esports World Cup is the natural next step in Saudi Arabia’s journey to become the premier global hub for gaming and esports, offering an unmatched esports experience that pushes the boundaries of the industry,” the crown prince was quoted as saying at the announcement the Esports World Cup last autumn.

Progress towards this goal is made through many means, one of which is the addition of more games to the EWC, like Dota 2. Interestingly, there are some rumors that Riot Games is working through the details of the participation of League of Legends in the event. If they turn out to be true, it will be interesting to see both LoL and its competitor at such a large event.

The tournament organizers are also conducting various other initiatives to further develop the esports ecosystem and the event. Recently, the EWC Foundation announced a support program for teams, aimed at helping esports organizations field new rosters and expand their existing franchises.

While the Esports World Cup will be held later this year, there are still not too many details about it, such as the exact starting date or format, so stay tuned for more upcoming information.

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