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Published: January 8, 2022

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  • TSM recently announced that Dominic Kallas is appointed as the organization’s new VP
  • TSM is of the biggest names in the world of esports
  • This and Kallas’ hiring could hint at potential expansion plans TSM might have for 2022

Dominic Kallas recently joined TSM and was appointed as its vice president of esports. The former Gen.G head of U.S. operations brings years of experience into TSM.

Dominic Kallas Is Appointed as TSM’s New VP

TSM recently announced that Dominic Kallas had joined the organization, becoming its vice president of esports. Kallas’ background is in finance and economics, and before entering the world of esports in 2017 through Gen.G, he used to work like venture capital and private equity associate.

Kallas said he is excited to be joining the many skilled professionals of TSMFTX, as they try to build a new powerful leadership team. “I firmly believe this is a new era for the org and fans and partners will be excited about what we have planned for 2022,” he added.

Kallas’ new responsibilities have increased a lot. In his vice-presidential role, he is tasked with overseeing the operations and management of TSM’s 20 professional esports teams, as well as the activities of the organization’s content creators.

Kallas Has New Responsibilities

TSM did not choose Kallas just because of his Westminster College degree. Sure, his knowledge in general finance and business will immensely help him in his new responsibilities, but Kallas also has a stable record working in the esports field. He previously worked at Gen.G. for almost four years, gaining experience and industry-specific know-how. During his work there, he helped the organization expand immensely from Los Angeles, reaching Seoul and Shanghai. Combining Kallas’ resume from his previous work, and his statement about the organization’s plans for this year, one could assume that TSM is planning massive expansions. When it comes to esports organizations, TSM is one of the largest in the world, valued at $410 million according to Forbes. It’s not surprising that the org would want to expand its reach even more.

Kallas said that the organization “will continue their history of signing top tier talent, and will seek to offer opportunities to up and coming talent that very few orgs can provide.” He added that when it comes to esports, the top priority will be to always win. Kallas promises to be a transparent leader for the teams, players, and the global fan community.

In recent years, esports has become a growing entertainment industry, often involving millions of dollars in investments and profit. It’s no wonder companies are continually on the search for more financial professionals like Kallas to fill the need for managing all that cash.

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