Updated: 18 August 2023

The Esports Grizzly Disclaimer is an addendum to the terms and conditions and defines the website’s limitations of liability. The information provided at Esports Grizzly is meant for recreational purposes only.

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Despite our better efforts to keep the information on this website free of fault, we acknowledge that our writers are only human.

Esports Grizzly’s commitment to fairness

We will always strive to provide readers with the most authentic esports news coverage and bring you worthwhile reading materials.

Esports Grizzly promises to not engage in any form of denigration or defamation of the good name of players, teams, and esports companies.  We are committed to factual reporting that can be verified by official and trustworthy sources.

Esports Grizzly will not engage in gossip or mislead readership by advising action or/and provide financial advice. We are meant to operate as a website providing a form of entertainment only.

Limitations of liability

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Let us know about mistakes

In case you spot an honest mistake in our reporting, we welcome you to contact us and flag the error for our editorial team to fix. We will seek to fix the issue as soon as possible.