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Published: July 7, 2021

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  • Coinbase has become one of the official sponsors of ESL
  • The crypto exchange will support ESL’s upcoming Warcraft, Starcraft, and CS:GO events
  • Coinbase has been heavily focusing on making a name for itself in the esports world

Coinbase has signed a sponsorship deal with ESL and will support several esports events in various competitive games. 

Coinbase Joins ESL as a Sponsor

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has struck a sponsorship deal with tournament organizer ESL. The announcement was made by the latter, who revealed that Coinbase would be supporting various events and activations. 

The two-year partnership between the two parties will mainly cover ESL’s Pro Tour series tournaments in the real-time strategies Warcraft 3 and StarCraft 2 as well as the first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

As partners, ESL and Coinbase will work on creating exclusive content that will showcase the two parties’ merits and will establish Coinbase as a reliable source of cryptocurrency information among gamers. 

In the official release, ESL shared that Coinbase is a suitable partner who will add to the long-term stability for the community that the tournament organizer envisions. 

“We hope we can work together to educate our fans on the next generation of exchanges while working together for the benefit of StarCraft community members and competitors,” the release added. 

ESL hopes to secure strong partnerships that will help its organizational efforts. The organizer is looking forward to hosting big live events like the ones before the pandemic. 

“With partners such as Coinbase and Shopify, this goal (of returning to live events) is becoming more and more likely, as we continue to develop our step by step plan on how we want to return until we’re back; to full, live event experiences.”

Cryptocurrencies Become Ingrained in Esports 

Coinbase has shown great interest in expanding within the esports demographic. The inherent similarities between digital currencies and digital mind sports make it very likely for esports fans to develop an interest in crypto. Coinbase also boasts a deal with another big event organizer – BLAST. 

However, Coinbase isn’t the only cryptocurrency company that has seen the potential of crypto and esports growing together. The previous month another exchange called Uniswap struck a deal with Team Secret that is much similar to the one between Coinbase and ESL and will also popularize end familiarize gamers with cryptocurrencies. Even more impressively, cryptocurrency exchange FTX recently struck one of the most expensive naming deals in esports history together with the esports organization TSM, which will now go by TSM FTX. 

The worlds of cryptocurrencies and esports are coming closer together because of their innate similarities. We are yet to see how far the two industries will go when working together. 

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