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Published: January 12, 2023

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  • Chemtech Drake will be receiving a couple of small buffs
  • Azir’s ultimate will be fixed to still deal damage if the champion dies
  • Neeko’s mid-scope update will still not come with Patch 13.2

Recently leaked data reveals what players can expect in League of Legends’ upcoming Patch 13.2.

Chemtech Drake Will Be Slightly Buffed

Riot Games has been busy working on the latest changes that are coming to League of Legends with Patch 13.2. But the upcoming changes still haven’t hit the live servers, however, if a recent leak is to be believed, a huge focus of Riot’s attention is directed towards new adjustments to Chemtech Drake and Soul.

According to datamined content posted on Reddit, the jungle mob will receive some slight buffs in the next patch alongside other changes to the game. This means that a defeated Chemtech Drake could now give 6% Tenacity and healing and shielding power. This is a 1% increase from the current buff the Chemtech Drake gives. Additionally, Chemtech Soul is getting balancing tweaks with low-health damage reduction, as it will be increased from 10% to 11%.

These changes, if they are implemented, are not huge, so it’s unlikely they will impact the meta a lot. Despite that, Riot Games is closely monitoring elemental drakes, especially Chemtech Drake that returned with Preseason 2023. 

What about Champion Changes?

What’s perhaps an even bigger update than the Chemtech Drake changes, are the updates to the champions themselves. According to the Reddit post, a total of eight champions will be getting some sort of update in Patch 13.2. Curiously, the list does not include Neeko, which was supposed to have a kid-scope update soon. Her update was promised by Riot devs back in August, but we still don’t have a specific date for that. At least we recently received a teaser of what Neeko’s update will look like.

But one champion that will be getting an update, an important one at that, is Azir. It is just one thing regarding his R missiles, which will be castable while dead. “This fixes a bug where if the caster died during the cast time, the soldiers would fail to have any collision, dealing no damage yet still going on cooldown (they now deal damage in this situation like they used to),” the description reads. 

It seems that players have been waiting for this buff for quite some time, as commenters wrote how good of a change this would be. Of course, since this is all just mined data, the exact stats are subject to change, as the original poster also reminds readers.

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