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Published: August 21, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Dash has become one of the most famous competitive LoL event casters
  • However, one of his recent tweets suggests he might not be returning to the desk 
  • Many fans still hope to see him broadcast and comment on other Riot games

Popular LoL caster Dash has seen several ups and downs in his career over 2023, but it seems like he will not be returning to the game after hosting the 2023 LCS finals.

Dash Might Retire from LoL Broadcasting

Sportscasters have been a crucial part of any event or competition ever since the first matches have been broadcast live over the radio more than a century ago. Often they add more enjoyment to the sport thanks to their quick and often witty commentary. This also applies to esports and with the rise of their popularity, their casters have become stars in their own right, just as popular as the players they are talking about.

In the world of competitive League of Legends, one broadcast talent that has become as famous as this is James “Dash” Patterson. Since joining Riot Games in 2014, Dash has become a crucial part of many of the LoL’s most important tournaments, namely the LCS, bringing insightful and entertaining commentary to matches from the league. 

However, according to a recent Twitter post by the man himself, it seems like Dash will likely not be hosting the LCS anymore. In one simple sentence, the caster suggested that him hosting the finals of the LCS 2023 Championship in New Jersey might be his last time doing so. 

To be fair, many fans didn’t even expect Dash to go back to the casting table after Riot Games transferred him to VALORANT back in January of this year. Many were convinced the caster was already done with LoL when this happened but were then pleasantly surprised when they saw him once again come back for the LCS’s finals. Unfortunately, it seems that the short tweet was Dash’s way of telling fans that he will be moving on to do different things permanently now.

Considering how long Dash has been a part of the competitive LoL ecosystem, many fans see his very likely withdrawal from the scene as a great loss. A lot of them felt that when he came back to the analyst desk for the LCS finals, he made the event much more enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, a series of budget cuts and other factors might mean that the popular LoL star might not be returning next year.

However, Riot has not said anything official about Dash retiring, so some fans still hold hopes to see the caster hosting future LoL tournaments, however unlikely that might be.

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