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Published: January 5, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • On January 4, Valve made the forts update to Cs2 for this year
  • It was concentrated on fixing various UI problems and minor bugs
  • However, players didn’t seem to like it as much

Many fans have been left disappointed that the first patch of 2024 did not fix the Molotov glitch and other pressing issues with CS2.

Fans Criticize Update

More and more devs and studios are gradually coming out of the holiday break and this also includes Valve who started 2024 with the first Counter-Strike 2 update of the year. However, it seems that fans are not satisfied with the things the company has done.

According to the patch notes from January 4, Valve has focused their first efforts in 2024 on fixing various UI problems. This includes fixing several bugs where players’ loadouts did not load correctly. Alongside that, the devs also touched on some minor issues with two maps, Ancient and Anubis, and also worked on various miscellaneous problems.

However, many fans seem to feel that this isn’t enough as the patch doesn’t address some serious issues many players have been complaining about. One of these problems is the Molotov bug. Usually, smoke grenades can extinguish fire on the ground, but as this Reddit user showed, this sometimes does not work. This led to the player base demanding Valve fix the issue as quickly as possible, so when the devs released the first patch of 2024, many fans were left disappointed.

“Honestly thought this was going to include a tweak or a fix to extinguishing Molotovs,” one user wrote under a Reddit post, discussing the latest CS2 update. “Well, at least it was notes instead of note this time,” another fan joked, implying that Valve has been somewhat slow when it comes to updates.

There Are More Problems

Unfortunately for many fans, the Molotov issues are not the only ones CS2 currently has. Despite it being released well over three months ago, the game still has numerous bugs that still seem to persist. The game is also far from being as dense as CS:GO, with multiple game modes and features missing, like playing workshop maps with friends.

The last big update CS2 received was on December 13. It fixed some bugs and tweaked Overpass a bit, but it’s been almost a month since that update, which further exacerbates the players’ frustration. Many want more patches more often to fix the various issues the game still seems to exhibit.

That being said, perhaps the holiday season was a big factor in why updates have been slow over the past weeks. Considering 2024 just began, perhaps Valve will be launching a lot more content in the future.

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