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Published: October 25, 2021

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  • Esports wagering is permitted in Connecticut from October 19
  • Betting on intercollegiate esports events is also allowed
  • The fragile esports betting scene is being hampered by regulatory requirements

After the passing of a recent bill, it is now legal for licensed operators in Connecticut to accept wagers on esports events.

Esports Wagering Is Now Allowed in Connecticut

Since October 19, bill HB 6451, which was passed earlier this year, has allowed licensed gambling operators in the state of Connecticut, to accept betting wagers on esports events. The document recognizes esports as a “sporting event”, and now operators can accept wagers on games like any other traditional sport.

As esports gambling is on the rise, many states are considering laws on whether to allow the practice and how this should be conducted. It seems that the requirements for esports betting in Connecticut are not that strict. There is a broad definition of “electronic sports and competitive video games played as a game of skill”, which allows many events and game titles to be categorized as such, making it simpler for operators, too.  

The bill also authorizes betting on intercollegiate esports events, excluding those with a Connecticut-based team. It will, however, be allowed if the event involves four or more intercollegiate teams and the wager is placed on the outcome of all games within the tournament.

Individuals participating in the event, like players, referees, and coaches, are prohibited from placing a wager on an event or match they are involved in. Currently, three licensed sportsbooks are operating in Connecticut. These are DraftKings, FanDuel, and PlaySugarHouse, but more are following suit.

Esports Wagering across the States

With this bill, Connecticut becomes one of several other US states that include esports in its legal sports betting industry. One of these states is neighboring New Jersey, which in July also passed a bill that authorizes esports events betting. There is, however, a catch. Operators are limited to accepting only up to a $100 wager, and the maximum prize that can be won is no more than $500. There is, however, the possibility that if sanctioned by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), the limit on wagering and prizes could rise.

Connecticut’s welcoming of esports betting is a best-case scenario for its inclusion in the state’s legal sports betting industry. This is so, because other states, like the previously mentioned New Jersey, seem to stifle the development of this type of betting with overwhelming regulatory actions, making it difficult to attract new customers. However, a much more relaxed approach to esports regulation could be a welcome gift.

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