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Published: February 6, 2023

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  • The North Americans dominated Permitta 2-0
  • It was a valuable learning experience for the Polish team
  • Complexity will now face ENCE in the lower bracket

By defeating Polish team Permitta in the lower bracket of the IEM Katowice, Complexity still has a chance to make it to the main stage of the event. 

Complexity Defeated Permitta

We are barreling forwards to the main stage of IEM Katowice and teams are getting knocked out of the tournament left and right. This happened to Permitta recently, whom were defeated by Complexity 2-0 at the event’s Play-In. The North American team had a comfortable lead on both maps played and sent Permitta, who made it to the event as ESL’s national champions from Poland, away from the event.

This victory is welcomed by Complexity, who come back after their opening defeat against BIG. The team almost managed to come back from a disastrous 4-14 map only to lose 12-16 to the German squad. But the team doesn’t have much time to celebrate as they will have to face ENCE, whom were in turn sent to the lower bracket by Cloud 9 yesterday.

Although defeated, Permitta comes out of the match with a lot of information. “It’s a lot different than online officials, the lights, and the atmosphere. We just need to play more with this lineup, to practice a lot more on our general play,” said Rafal “?sNx?” Snopek in the post-match interview. Despite the team eventually falling out of the IEM Katowice, some of its players performed rather well, like AWPer Dawid “?Layner?” Falczynski, who finished the match with a positive K/D and a 1.04 rating.

How Did the Match Go?

The teams first clashed on Nuke where a close brawl ensued. Permitta won the first gun round to force Complexity on an eco to reduce the deficit to 2-3. But despite the Polish team getting six kills on their offense, they were not able to gain much traction. Complexity kept on increasing their advantage and found themselves 9-3 up in no time before Håkon “?hallzerk?” Fjærli won consecutive clutches to secure his team a dominating 12-3 half.

The Poles faired much better on the defensive, negating Complexity’s pistol round win and putting together a five rounds streak that reduced the deficit to 8-14. However, just when it looked like Permitta could turn this, the team’s slow rotations to the lower site cost them in the retake with Complexity on map point. The North American team has to thank their AWPer hallzerk, who finished the map with 23 kills and an astonishing 1v3 clutch

It was not get easier for Permitta, as the next map was Overpass – one that Permitta are yet to record a victory in the last three months. Despite once again starting well, the Polish team’s lack of experience on the map quickly became obvious. Complexity’s aggression was too much for the team with Justin “?FaNg?” Coakley being especially disruptive to Permitta’s game plan with his five successful entry duels. By the end of the first half, Complexity was once again dominating Permitta with a score of 11-4.

The North Americans kept their momentum in the second half, winning the pistol round. As Complexity was just a few rounds away from victory, Permitta woke up and got three successive rounds. However, Complexity’s Johnny “?JT?” Theodosiou provided his team with a crisp triple entry on B, destroying Permitta’s economy. Complexity rode that inertia, finishing the map 16-7.

The North Americans’ next match in the lower bracket will be against ENCE, a match that will decide which of the two teams will continue on to IEM Katowice’s main stage.

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