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Published: June 23, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The rifler replaces FaNg, who has been put on the transfer list
  • EliGE’s signing comes after weeks of rumors surrounding a reshuffle of his old team, Liquid
  • Now, he reunites with former Liquid teammate Michael “?Grim?” Wince

Complexity is using the lull in competitive Counter-Strike to reshuffle its roster by signing 25-year-old Jonathan “?EliGE?” Jablonowski, who was recently released by Liquid.

American esports organization has announced that it has acquired EliGE for its CS:GO roster. `The new player will come to replace Canadian Justin “?FaNg?” Coakley who has been put on the transfer list. This transition put an end to the rumors surrounding EliGE for the past few weeks, which said the player was looking for a new home amidst the changes in Liquid.

By joining Complexity, EliGE reunites with former Liquid teammate Michael “?Grim?” Wince, who has become a key performer for the team. It is expected the new player would also quickly become a core member in Complexity and work well together with Grim. EliGE is an Intel Grand Slam and six-time Big Event winner, so he’s got quite a reputation to defend.

Meanwhile, FaNg, whom the new Complexity member is replacing, is put on the transfer list, following an underwhelming performance over the past few months. It was not an easy time for Complexity, as the squad won just a third of their matches facing off against top 50 opposition. The Canadian rifler did not help Complexity much with his average rating of 0.95.

However, with his 1.09 rating, EliGE is hoped to be able to turn the team’s fortunes. Interestingly, the player apparently initially declined Complexity as he was in the works of moving to Evil Geniuses. This follows a series of roster movements in his previous team, which will see Liquid move to a European core for its Counter-Strike roster.

But Evil Geniuses eventually also decided to do a similar thing in the final moments, resulting in them making a few high-profile signings alongside several promotions from the EG Black roster. With the deal with EliGE falling out, the American player was now once again free for grabs. Complexity saw their chance and re-offered EliGE a spot on the team, which he quickly accepted.

With the 25-year-old rifler on board, Complexity’s Counter-Strike roster now looks like this:

  • Johnny “?JT?” Theodosiou
  • United States Ricky “?floppy?” Kemery
  • Håkon “?hallzerk?” Fjærli
  • Michael “?Grim?” Wince
  • Jonathan “?EliGE?” Jablonowski
  • Tiaan “?T.c?” Coertzen (coach)

Justin “?FaNg?” Coakley (transfer-listed)

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