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Published: August 16, 2021

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  • CoD: Warzone is one of the highest-grossing games for Activision with the company generating $5 million from its daily
  • Yet, Warzone cheaters rampage unchecked and they have been the reason to force many top players to withdraw
  • Activision needs to step in and address the issue seriously lest its game falls into oblivion amid player dissatisfaction

Warzone’s record-setting numbers have not been enough to compel Activision and address the issues with cheating adequately.

Warzone Needs a Fresh Start, Free of Cheaters

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the timeless classics of the video gaming industry. Today, though, the game’s battle royale alter ego is under assault by fans. Call of Duty: Warzone has had issue with cheaters and hackers for the longest time, and this has driven many players to abandon the battlefield and let the hackers roam freely.

Dr Disrespect, CourageJD and Nickmercs have openly called Activision’s failure to address the issue and said that it would make no sense to continue playing if they are constantly shot down by cheaters. To compound the issue, Call of Duty: Warzone is reportedly making $5 million dollars every day, even though players have been leaving in droves.

In other words, Warzone is generating around $3,650 per minute, but there seems to be little done to actually safeguard the game and its players from the pernicious influence of hackers. This means that Warzone is generating more revenue than most other games out there, but without addressing the wave of frauds, who strut their stuff in-game, the game risks oblivion.

In fact, cheating has become so bad that hackers have streamed to online communities to demonstrate the differences between how cheats work. Meanwhile, professional players, such as FaZe Nio have complained about the number of cheaters and all of this at the launch of Season 5.

Milestones as Palliatives to the Real Issue

Of course, Activision is emboldened by current events. In April, the game reached a 100 million player-milestone. Yet, to carry on, Warzone will have to address the wave of cheaters who have been undermining its gameplay, player satisfaction rates, and even the purpose to log in anymore.

Activision has decided to quickly shift to a competitive event, announcing the World Series of Warzone, but it’s hard imagining that taking place when the game is plagued by such grotesque issues as throngs of players who use third-party software to manipulate the in-game physics and gain an unfair advantage.

Activision must act quickly and clamp down on cheaters lest it starts losing Warzone. Repeating its success would be dubious, too, because the original concept is already exhausted. Even if Activision was to get a fresh start, there would be no guarantee the company would treat cheaters any differently.

Hitting a record-high player base or announcing an esports series is a little more than a palliative when the root issue remains intact.

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