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Published: November 20, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Wins now count towards the Armory Unlock progress
  • This should make unlocking new weapons and gear much faster
  • Unfortunately, the much-desired change comes with many bugs

CoD: Modern Warfare III fans have been complaining about how the Armory Challenge system caps their daily progress and slows it down, but even the recent change doesn’t seem to make it work as well as intended.

Game Receives New Update

Modern Warfare III has been out for more than a week now but players have not received the game with the expected outstretched arms. Instead, they have been criticizing it about many things and one of the features that annoys players the most seems to be the Armory Unlock System.

In short, this is MWIII’s new weapons and gear progression ladder. It locks a lot of the game’s weapons and gear behind daily and weekly Armory Challenges that players have to complete if they want to play with said items. This is quite different from what older CoD titles had as a weapons progression system. Unfortunately, many fans disliked the new Armory Challenges and begged MWIII’s developers to do something about it.

It seems that Sledgehammer had heard the plight of the community, as they have made some important changes with the game’s recent update. Earlier, players had just three Daily Challenges to complete, meaning that there was a cap on how many points can be earned and how fast the items can be unlocked. It was exactly this slow rate of progression that frustrated many fans. Fortunately for them, now each win counts towards Armory Unlocks progress, and people no longer have to go out of their way to complete challenges.

Other Problems Have Occurred

One might think that when fans get what they crave for, the complaints will diminish. However, this is unfortunately not the case, as many players have now started reporting bugs after the patch. Some have even said that wins are not even being tracked, essentially making the new changes worthless.

And then there are other players who were unhappy about the other changes made in the patch. Zombies has always been a popular game mode in any CoD game it has been a part of, but many fans now think it has been nerfed too much after the recent update. The developers decreased the number of enemies that spawn in maps, making matches feel less intense and satisfying. At least Zombies should still be viable to unlock weapons faster than relying on the before-slow and now-buggy progression system.

Since its release on November 10, Modern Warfare III has had numerous issues. From bugs and glitches, to the campaign being rather short, to certain features not working like fans wanted, the game has received a lot of negative reviews. And although it has strong sales thanks to a loyal fan base, problems seem to keep rising and only time will tell how or even if they will be fixed.

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